How Long Is a Dog's Menstrual Cycle

Canine menstrual cycles vary in their longevity; size is one factor. On average, a dog's entire menstrual cycle lasts about a half-year to two-thirds of a year, but extremes are four months and almost two years. For most of the time, a female dog's in anestrus, the resting stage of her menstrual cycle. For a period of a week to three weeks of the cycle, she's in heat.

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I have a toy poodle that I got from a breeder. she's been bred before, and she isn't spayed. I also have a rat terrier male here who isn't neutered. I want to have puppies, but I just want to know when it's normal for her to have her heat cycles. Will I know she's in heat when she wants to be around him more? She hates other dogs with a capital H, she's so spoiled she thinks she's human. When she lets him come near her without trying to rip his head off, is that when I know she's ready?

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Below, we offer some tips we’ve learned over ayear of cycle touring with your dog. If you are not ready to sterilize your dog, there are drugs a veterinarian can prescribe to suppress a dog's heat cycle. These drugs are known as Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone or GnRH and are available as subcutaneous implants or injections. Although highly effective, the drug does have side effects, including mammary enlargement, changes in personality and weight gain.

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The size and breed of a dog determine when the first cycle will occur and dictates to some degree the interval between cycles. Small breeds may be in puberty at 6 months of age, while larger breeds may be 2 years old before entering puberty. The smaller dogs may cycle twice a year, or three times. Larger dogs may cycle every 8 to 9 months; many cycle annually. The largest dogs may go 12 to 18 months, or longer.Younger dogs tend to cycle more frequently than older dogs. You can determine an approximation of your dog's cycle by the time of her second heat if you're vigilant. As the dog ages, you'll see the cycles space further apart.But the rules are not hard and fast: According to an American Kennel Club newsletter and other sources, some German shepherds, Rottweilers and chow chows go into heat as frequently as every four months, others every 6 months. Meanwhile, some small breeds, such as the basenji, cycle only once a year. Several other small dogs don't have first heat until they're a year old.The second stage of a dog's cycle is estrus; some call this the "heat" stage; others say proestrus and estrus together are heat, and estrus is "standing heat." This is the period when a female is receptive to mating. Estrus lasts an average of nine to 11 days, like proestrus, with extremes of three days and 21 days. The vaginal discharge will tinge pink with blood and then turn to clear. She may stand in place, or she may back up to an available male and move her tail aside to allow the male to sniff and mount her.