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We live by that motto here at Tenaker Pet Care. Your pet is your friend, companion and a member of your family. Your pet means a lot to you – and he or she means a lot to us too! They deserve the best treatment while you are gone. There is no reason your pet should be left at home by itself and missing you. Dogs that come to our day care have the time of their lives! Dogs get to play with others, chase, romp and enjoy our outdoor kennel (including a swimming pool!). Cats can enjoy quiet time in their own cubby beds, which they can burrow in. They have a cat tree play area just for their own peaceful, pleasurable playtime!

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I have two whippets. Some friends (who also have whippets) had bought cubbies from Gooddogbeds and absolutely loved them... so I splurged for my sweet puppies and bought this cubby! They love it. They can rearrange it to their heart's content. It's soft and cuddly, and even stands up to being chewed on a little... I like that it's washable too. I strongly recommend this cubby. A great product. And beautiful too!

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