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Our Cribs and Canines program is to teach those dogs how to handle it, thus alleviating any anxiety for the dog, while also keeping your baby safe. We want to make sure both dog and baby are taken care of, learning to adjust to a new life together, while also forming a deep familial bond. , will create a practical regimen that you as parents and dog owners can follow, where you will guide your dog and show him/her how to behave with a new baby in the house.

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We established the Cribs and Canines training program in order to ease the minds of expectant parents, and also smooth out an easy transition for the dog into accepting a new baby. It is perfectly natural for a new family member to bring in new changes, feelings, routines, etc. At Pivotal, r is here to lead the dog and owner/parent to success with their new family, and avoid inconsistency and anxiety that would inevitably cause tension and behavioral problems within the household.

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Dog Cribs on TV | Sardone Construction - YouTube Through Cribs and Canines, your dog will learn the basics of obedience, focus, and recall. Before and after the baby arrives, the dog will understand to demonstrate calm behavior that does not include bad habits, such as jumping, nipping, not listening to commands, any form of aggression (territorial, food, fear, over/toward the baby, etc). Your dog will also have a chance to experience the idea of living with a baby, before your baby actually arrives! We will set up scenarios that will ready the dog for the baby, such as walking well next to a stroller. Using our reward-based techniques, your dog will understand how to be relaxed and gentle with the baby, how to display impulse control when the owner’s attention is diverted to the baby, etc.

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There’s no need to introduce tapes of baby sounds or put things in the dog’s bed that smell like the baby—through the Cribs and Canine program, the dog will soon feel as if the baby has been their the whole time. Our goal is make the transition as smooth as possible for the parents, baby, and the dog! Through this program, parents/dog owners can secure a safe, anxiety-free life for their family!

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With white-washed wooden frame with hints of baby pinks and blues, a matching bedding set and a spare pillow for extra comfort, these cute cribs will make perfect pet beds for your beloved cat or dog.Here at Peachtree Dog Training, we always strive to keep families together and to make sure that no dog needs to be sent away to a shelter, due to completely treatable behavioral problems. With our Cribs and Canines, we aim for the same exact thing, where we can help create a smooth transition for the dog and baby, thus keeping the ENTIRE family safe and happy!