Heavy Duty Indestructible Escape-Proof Steel Dog Crate European Style

Looking for a heavy duty dog crate? One of the common reasons for people to look for the Alcatraz of dog crates is to help dogs with anxiety problems. Heavy duty indestructible dog crates are designed in such a way that the pet cannot escape and harm themselves or damage property when you are not around. This can be a good investment if your dog is so strong and aggressive that he/she can claw or chew on standard crates until escape. Most people with large, strong, or aggressive dogs would love a heavy duty dog crate that is strong, yet light enough to carry around. You need to conduct ample research in order to find one that meets your preferences and fits your budget.

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate

When it comes to air travel, there’s nothing like this large plastic dog crate, which meets airline requirements, offers 360º ventilation, and double-locks for added security when your dogs are flying high. The heavy-duty plastic shell features durable doors and plastic wing-nuts, to prevent corrosion. This air kennel comes pre-stamped with a “Live Animals” label. Before purchase, check with your preferred airlines regarding specific kennel requirements.

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We suggest the Ultima Pro 748UP heavy-duty folding dog crate as a great substitute. This heavy duty dog crate comes with a free 2-year replacement warranty. This crate has been tested by real live escape artist dogs. We are very sure of its' ability to hold your dog. That's why the warranty on this crate is a "no questions asked" replacement warranty.

Best Heavy Duty Escape Proof Dog Crate

I am looking all over your site to find out where to purchase a heavy duty crate and cannot find anything. I need something immediately, my dog has learned how to open locked doors and let herself out. She has been attacking the goats in the neighborhood and neighbors are threatening to shoot her. I need help! Thank you

XXL Stationary Aluminum Heavy Duty Dog Crate 43 x 27 x 34″

For this reason, a heavy duty dog crate should be spacious enough for them to get comfortable in, be strong enough to keep your furry friend safe from injury and be inviting enough for them to jump right on in.We’ve scoured the internet searching for heavy duty dog crates that are not only strong, safe and secure, but reasonably priced too. All these crates we’ve found are also available on Amazon for immediate delivery.Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety Dogs (Select Your Crate Size (Internal Dimensions): CMD-HA-300G Medium 30 L X 20 W X 25 H")SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate 36-Inch Hammered Silver - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!