Divider panel designed to fit the Midwest Fold and Carry Dog Crates

Maybe you already have a Midwest Colossal Dog Crate Models 1154U, 1154, 1154N, 99, 99N or SL54DD and you are looking for accessories such as a dog bed, crate pan or divider panel, or even a two dog collosal crate model.

Divider Panel for Midwest 1154U Big Dog Crate - Cuts Housebreaking Time in Half!

This a sturdy, large metal dog crate has all the bells and whistles: double doors, to set up for side or front access; a composite plastic pan, which makes for easy cleaning and won’t rust, corrode, retain odors, or warp; and a folding design and plastic carrying handles, to make it easily portable, among others.

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DIY dog crate, we cut the panel out of the door, added chicken wire and voila! Want to cut your pup’s housebreaking time in half? That’s the promise of this single-door, large metal dog crate. It comes with a divider panel, to ensure proper sizing for small puppies that will grow into big adult dogs. What’s more, this folding kennel rolls in plenty of safety and security features, including slide-bolt latches, an ABS composite tray, and plastic handles for easy carrying. Includes a divider, to adjust the kennel’s size from puppy to adult.

Customize your dog crate by adding the Midwest Divider Panel

This folding, portable dog crate is large enough accommodate most large and extra-large breeds, yet lightweight enough to easily portable. Crafted from commercial-strength, high-gauge wire, and featuring a divider panel for adjustability, EZ slide-bolt latches for safety, and an eco-safe Electro-coat finish for durability, this is a great option for your fur-baby.

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These homes fold up “suitcase style” for easy transport and storage. All panels are connected and set up within seconds! They are preferred by those who take their dogs with them when travelling. Fold and carry crates are wire mesh construction. No tools are required to assemble these crates. They are perfect for the dog owner who wants a dog crate that is portable, but also very tough.Midwest Metals has been in business since 1921, so you you are buying from a company that stands the test of time. With an emphasis on quality, and with a broad array of crate/kennel options, Midwest has earned the loyalty of generations of pet owners. Whatever your budget and whatever your needs, we likely have a Midwest Dog Crate for you!Soft-sided crates are also called tent crates, or pop-up crates. These crates are very light, come with a free tote bag and transport very easily. They also can accommodate a standard sized crate pan. Suitable for indoor, outdoor and SUV use, these crates are super versatile. They are not designed for dogs that tend to chew their crates.All wire Midwest dog crates come with an easy-to-clean pan made from tough, long lasting ABS plastic (exception applies to SKU: 1154U, which has the pan available as an additional cost option). Under normal conditions, these pans will last a lifetime, and provide a flat comfortable floor for your pooch, and easy clean-up for you!