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The memory foam pad is soft and squishy, providing additional softness for your doggie’s crate. The self-warming pad radiates your pet’s body heat offering comfort to pups that need extra warmth. The odor control pad has charcoal in the inner layers which absorbs unwanted pet odors. All three options are one inch thick and have non-slip fabric on the bottom and soft microfleece on top.

While the flat bottom is great, you’ll still need to find the best dog crate pad to make it an attractive and cozy spot for your pooch.

These luxurious plush kennel pads soften crates, carriers, homes, or your floor, making a comfortable spot for your pet to lay his head. The heavy-duty tailoring finished with non-skid backing that is great for rambunctious dogs.

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Plush-topped pads give dogs a soft spot to relax while in their crates, and fun sayings such as Whether you are crate training a puppy, looking to make your dog crate more comfortable, or searching for an orthopedic bed for a senior dog, we have the crate cover, dog bed and crate pad that's just right for you and your four legged friend.

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Based out of New York City, in 1999 Pet Dreams was the first company to design crate covers and dog crate bedding with design, longevity, and comfort in mind. We have set a precedence in the industry for stylish, affordable dog beds, crate pads & mats in a wide range of colors and sizes from extra large to extra small. We even sell dog crates, becoming your one stop shop for all things dog bed related!

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Naturally you’ll want a dog crate mat that fits the size of your canine’s crate. Make sure to take accurate measures of the crate, and double check the measurements of the dog crate pad you’re considering.Durability is an important factor for – you’ll need something tough that can withstand your pup’s paws if your dog is rough with his stuff. Look for dog crate pads that have tear-resistant features. You may also need to consider a durable crate mat if your , since these dogs can to be destructive when left alone.I wish that Boyt sized this to the Petmate plastic kennels (crates) that all of us around here use for our hunting dogs. I have the Petmate Ruff Maxx Camouflage kennel size 40x27x30. Due to the taper of the kennel sides and the rounded corners of the kennel, the XL/Jumbo Mud River kennel mat is too large – rides up on the sides and ends of the crate and the Medium/Large is too small and slides all over in the crate. The Mud River pad appears to be well made and would function great for what I want. It is very unfortunate that they are not sized to work in the Petmate crates.PROS: – they’re a favorite among owners of large breeds. The thickness of the foam in this crate pad will not disappoint. Additionally, unlike other dog beds, owners report that this pad is chew resistant, making it a great choice for destructive dogs. This bed is also made in the USA, so you know you’ll have solid quality.