Kennel Extension and Custom kennels (for Larger Breeds)

The commercial travel crates have been designed for the most popular dog sizes. Unfortunately, they are not tall enough to accommodate the very tall dogs such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Saint-Bernards… etc. Fortunately, creative Pet Relocators such as Tim Harris, have created a wood extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates.

I’m so pleased. I enjoyed making this Wood Extension for your client’s dog travel crate.

So you’re relocating overseas and your Giant Sized Dog ( Great Dane, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Irish Wolfhound ) is way too Large for a traditional plastic travel Kennel even with a height extension kit, now what? The next step might be to look into a custom made pet shipping crate. But, Where should you start and What option are available?

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Tall dogs need pet crate extensions to meet airline requirements. If your dog fits a giant pet crate but is too tall, this product may help. Dog Beds & Crates Etc. is proud to represent the finest manufacturers of pet gates, pet extensions and pet enclosures in the Pet Industry. Whether you are looking for pressure mount gates, freestanding gates, flexible gates or walk-thru styles, Dog Beds & Crates Etc. will help you come up with the best gate to fit your needs. You will find pet and dog gates in a variety of steel and wood finishes and sizes including the following: Richell Pet Products top selling, furniture grade Freestanding Pet Gates, One-Touch Pet Gates and Convertible Elite Pet Gates along with their Pet Pens including the Expandable and Mobile Pet Pens in various sizes. Carlson Pet Products round out the steel line with their Convertible Pet Yard, Extra Wide and Extra Tall Walk-Thru Pet Gates, Maxi and Flexi Walk-Thru Pet Gates and their Mini Gate with Pet Door.

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The extension of a crate can only be used to increase the height and is usually used when the dog’s ears or head don’t have enough room. There need to be an extra 3 inches of clearance from the top of the head or ears when the dog is sitting inside the crate. This type of crate customization allows you to buy a smaller sized crate where your dog can lie down and turn around in while adding the required inches so the ears and/or head fit comfortably. One of the benefits of extending a crate rather than going for a bigger size is that smaller crates can go on more types of airplanes than the bigger ones.

Carlson Pet Products Extension for Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate.

For larger dogs who need just a little bit extra height, an extension kit will be necessary. Crate extension kits add height to Extra Large (#500 series) and Giant (#700 series) crates.For larger dogs who need just a little bit extra height, an extension kit will be necessary. We offer crate extension kits to add height to Extra Large (#500 series) and Giant (#700 series) crates.