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Now, we move on to treatments of the cracked pad pads. Even if you notice a crack on your dog’s paw pad, you do not have to be panic. If the dog walks without pain and paw pads are not, this is a mild crack, you can leave it to resolve by itself. But it is important to check it daily and see what is happening there.

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Petroleum jelly is a cost-effective softening and protective agent that you can use to protect, moisturize and repair canine foot pads. Gently massage a dab of petroleum jelly into the dog’s pads when they become rough, calloused or cracked. Apply as frequently as needed to keep pad cracks lubed. Give your dog something to distract him while the jelly absorbs into the pads, such as a chew toy.

Like your shoe soles, your dog's paw pads can crack with overuse

Dog Dry Skin – Why Your Dog Has Cracked And Dry Paw Pads | Dog Dry Skin… Another possibility is nasodigital hyperkeratosis - an ailment affecting either the nose or foot pads (or both) of older dogs. In hyperkeratosis, keratin - the tough, fibrous outer covering of foot pads - grows excessively. Often, the hard, cracked pads appear to have "keratin feathers" around their edges. A vet can diagnose this ailment by analysing a section of pad tissue. Although hyperkeratosis can’t be cured, it can be controlled. The veterinarian can carefully trim excessive keratin and instruct the owner on techniques to hydrate the pads, retarding excessive keratin growth. One such technique is to soak the pads each day in a 50 percent propylene-glycol solution over a period of several days.

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My poor dog has had trouble with cracked paw pads for a long time and she’s allergic to EVERYTHING with chemicals. I use Walter’s Dog Balm (we can only use natural dog products for the allergies and such)
It works really well. I love paw creams for dogs:)

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There are so many times when you get worried about the rough paw pads of your dog. Usually rough or dry paw pads in are not an issue as they need to be hard because they are their socks and shoes. However sometimes dogs could have extremely dry paw pads similar to the dryness of , which can lead to cracking. In these times the paw needs attention. Some reasons and remedies for cracked are:Low zinc levels, to the point of deficiency, can cause dryness and in turn cracking of dog paw pads. If you suspect this kind of deficiency then take him to your vet. Omega-3 is a good source for Zinc and is found in . Fish oils should only be introduced in small doses to your dog’s diet as its excess can cause diarrhea in dogs. However always consult your vet before introducing any kind of item in his diet.