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Reflective dog collars shine brightly when in direct light from a variety of sources. If, for instance, a car’s headlights are heading your way, the reflecting strip on your dog’s collar will shine for the driver to see. This way, they can steer clear of you and your dog.

Dog Collars Canada

►Tag collars are for holding tags (tags not included). They do not have a d-ring (can't be used for walks) or buckle, rather tags hang on the triglide, making these collars a great lightweight option. They slide on over the head.

►Martingale collars tighten gently around the neck when the dog pulls on leash, they are for walks only as it's unsafe to leave on in the house.

►Buckle collars are your standard black clip style, for walks or in the house.

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Canada Day Dog Collar - 1" Adjustable Canadian Collar

Oh Canada Dog Collar Truly the Quebec goverment has nothing to do. These devices are tools , usually better timing tools. People control tools – a leash can be used correctly or like a whip. So can a ecollar. Educate the people, do not ban the tool. Should the goverment now ban horse bits, how nasty are they if not used correctly. Most people riding horses for the first time, create pain because they have no education. Should Quebec get rid of all the police dogs trainied with ecollars, 90% are ecollar conditioned. Positive & negative re-inforcement are part of behavior. Truly another case of un informed Quebec politicaians hurting the people of Quebec again. Education of tools and behavor is better than crazy laws.

Italian Leather Dog Collars and Leads handcrafted in Canada.

Lupine dog collars are a great choice for a reliable adjustable collar. Not only can you get the great solid colors shown above, but they also come in some cute designs too, like fish and flowers (and many more). Lupine offers a lifetime replacement package that is in effect even if your dog chews it up. They are durable and will last the lifetime of your dog, and beyond. They come in various sizes, even small (not pictured above), so they are great for any breed of dog.

Canada: Canadian Flag Dog Collar