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We also have a Shih Tzu and last byear I bought a lot of dog clothes at Stanley Market. As you enter the market checkout the stalls on the right hand side and it was one of those. In the area there are a lot of pet shops that sell a variety of clothes and toys that we didn"t have at home. I also went over to Cheng Chau island and there was also a good shop there.

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I don't know what you regard as cheap. But as there's nobody else seems to be answering this question, I will take a stab and say that pet shops are very common in Hong Kong, dogs are very popular, so there's no great problem with getting dogs clothes. I presume that as they're almost all made in China they probably cheaper than what you get in Canada. I didn't see any in the markets, but then I wasn't really looking, my dogs have always gone naked.

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Explore Modern Tails's board Bit of a random question but is there any shops that specificaly sell dog clothes, coats, leads etc,, i have 2 very small dogs and find it very hard to get anything at home and when I can its very expensive! or do the likes of bloomingdales sell anything like that I never noticed last time but I wasnt on the look out really cos I never had them then!

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xvicx: this city is loaded with wonderful shops with dog clothes.....i don't know of a "discount" shop but can recommend several "neighborhood" shops that have a great selection and beautiful stuff: Furry Paws at 2nd Avenue and 55th Street; Karen's at 83rd and Lexington Avenue and Pet Stop which has a number of locations including one at Bway and 72nd; there is another fabulous place at 72nd between and Columbus and cannot remember the name......i wouldn't go to a department store for this, you will do much better at pet boutiques.....just remember that you will tend to find these in more residential neigborhoods like the upper west side, upper east side, greenwich village etc.......not that kind of thing you will find in Times Square

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