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Heavy Coats: If your dog has heavy coats, then you have to look for a good set of rotary motor dog clippers. These type of clippers will provide you with all the power you need to cut through thick fur.

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The advantages of the cordless options are pretty obvious; greater mobility and access to hard-to-reach areas. But, there may be other reasons why the corded option will suit your needs better. Corded dog clippers can be relied on for uninterrupted work, whereas the cordless variety will need charging eventually. Furthermore, corded dog clippers usually provide increased power, making them more suited to heavy-duty work on thick coats or multiple dogs.

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Here is more information about the #1 bestselling Dog Clippers for Thick Coats: The maximum noise output is 50 decimals, which makes it ideal for pet owners with high strung pets. This also gives you a quiet grooming experience. The clipper is also extremely efficient making it easy to cut even the thickest of coats. This state of the art clipper is suitable for various dog breeds, even ones with thick coats. The up to date technology ensures that the tugging and pulling sensation that is characteristic of most human hair clippers is eliminated, ensuring that your dog has the best possible experience while being groomed.

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This item is considered by many dog groomers to be one of the best dog grooming clippers on the market. It is designed to be lightweight but durable as well. Although it is considered a medium duty clipper, the item still packs a punch and is ideal for various types of dog coats. The motor is designed to deliver the required amount of power in cases of thicker than expected fur. The cutting speed is equivalent to 7200 strokes per minute. The stainless steel blades are considered high performance making this machine suitable for pet owners and ideal for pet grooming professionals as well. According to the manufacturer, this medium duty dog grooming clipper will work wonders on dogs with thin to medium thickness coats. You may also attempt to use it on dogs with thick coats, however a trimming or cutting down with a pair of scissors is required in order to deliver better results.

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Find the best dog clippers for thick coats is not easy because in the market have many different kind of dog clippers. This article will help you know more and recommend 5 Heavy coats: these dogs will need a really good set or reliable dog grooming clippers with rotary motors that can easily work through long and/or thick coats of dog hair.
Medium coats: in this case, any best pet razor won't work, but you simply need to maintain regular grooming sessions, so normally, clippers with pivot motors will do wonders on your dog's hair.
Thin coats: dogs like these don't need to be groomed too often or too heavily, so electromagnetic motor powered pet clippers for dogs will have everything that you need.