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3. The nail caps decrease the cat’s ability to defend himself. Although most house cats rarely need to use their claws for self defense, there are times when they might. Luckily my cats seem to have mastered the skill of simply making eye contact with a dog to show him what’s up and who’s in charge.

The simple solution to destructive scratching. Soft Claws nail dog caps are a simple solution.

When you receive the nail caps, try one on first without the glue. If it doesn't fit, trim the open end of each nail cap until they fit your dog's claws snugly OR, before altering the nail caps, send the complete package back for an exchange.

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The simple solution to destructive scratching. Soft Claws nail dog caps are a simple solution. I recently found out about Soft Claws for dogs, when the company sent me a bunch of doggie nail caps to test on Frieda, Geppetto and Lola. I was skeptical at first. Do I really need to prevent my (already scratched) hardwood floors from being further scratched? Oh well, but they were there, and I had hopes that the caps could help Geppetto skid a bit less, so why not…

Soft Claw Caps for Paws - Dog Size X Small 20 pcs w/ Adhesive Purple

Lastly, the Soft Claws got me into the habit of checking my dogs’ nails every weekend. I trim any exposed nails and replace fallen caps. And since I got into the groove of doing all that, I created a ‘Salon Saturday’ here at home — my day to brush the dogs, examine their fur, check paws and mouth, trim fur if necessary, and even check their rears. This has definitely increased my dogs’ quality of life, as I can catch (and solve) any problems sooner.

Soft Claw Caps for Paws - Dog Size Medium 20 pcs w/ Adhesive Blue

Dogs sometimes form a habit of letting their claws scrape the ground as they swing their foot forwards. If they walk much on pavement, this can wear the claws down on the top side. Al does this with one front paw, only enough so I never have to trim the center claws. Gwynnie has DM, and she is dragging her rear feet and wearing down the top sides of the two center claws all the way to the quick, and they actually bleed. This is a method for making plastic caps for the claws, similar to "Soft Claws". It's like the way dentists make molds of a tooth for a crown or model.*Soft Claws® and Soft Paws® are trademarks for Soft Paws nail caps for cats and dogs of Soft Paws Inc., Lafayette, LA. Patent No. 4,962,731. Made in USA.Developed by a veterinarian, Soft Claws are vinyl nail caps that glue on to your dog's or cat's claws. The nail caps cover the claw tips so no damage occurs when your pet scratches.Soft Claws nail dog caps are a simple solution when pet scratching is a problem. This counter-top display is designed to hold 12 Soft Claws clamshell units.