A great alternative to messy newspaper or expensive liners

Dogs may be man's best friends, but they can be smelly pals. Their cages can hold onto nasty odors if not cared for properly. Dog owners want their pets to be comfortable, so bedding is quite common in dog crates. Unfortunately, pet odors linger in bedding. The bottom line to treating and preventing dog odors is maintaining cleanliness. This can be done by setting up a dog cage cleaning routine and sticking to it.

Dog Cage Liners

Fleece Cage Liners, Blankets or Bedding (Cat, Dog, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Gerbil, Hedgehog): Custom Made! Warm and Fuzzy! Now with an Absorbent Layer!!!

Cage Liners 18" x 24" or 24" x 36"

Dog Cage Liners Our kennel liners make a good looking addition to any sized dog kennel. Simply calculate the square footage of your run, cage or kennel and buy only what you need.

Available in two sizes to accommodate various cages

Though we wish we could take our pets with us everywhere we go, we often times can’t. Dog crates give your pet a place for himself where he can retreat to and feel safe and comforted. Whether it be for when you’re away from home, or just a place to sleep, dog kennels give your dog a safe space of his own. By starting crate training early on, your dog will learn to enjoy his time in a crate without feeling distressed or panicked. Chewy offers a variety of crate mats that allow your dog to be more comfortable and make his cage feel homier. For some dogs, pens may be used as an alternative to crates, or can be used as a supervised play area. Whether used indoors or outdoors, dog pens create a fenced in area for play without the tight confinement of a cage. If you have an area of your home that your pet should not be visiting and you would like to restrict access from, maybe an in-home gate would be right for you! Our range of gates allows you to choose a design that will match your home’s décor and fit your needs.

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