FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Large Dogs

Bristle brushes are used on short-haired, smooth-coated dogs that shed frequently. Their clusters of tightly-packed natural bristles will remove loose hair and stimulate the skin.

Invest in a dog brush for short hair, your puppy will absolutely love you for it!

With the Snap N Clean Short Hair Dog Brush, your pet can keep up a professionally groomed appearance at all times. This patented self-cleaning pet brush contains a plate that collects loose hair, then snaps off and cleans instantly. The bristle formation is designed in a way that easily glides through matted hair or thick undercoats to minimize shedding. Plus, the ergonomically designed soft grip handle lends itself to extreme comfort, making the grooming process a pleasant one for both pet and parent.

Brushes & Combs for Dogs: How to Choose the Right One

Check out Petco’s assortment of the best dog brushes that work on short and long-haired dogs and every coat in between. Other deshedding tools that use rakes or blades might be too rough on dogs with super-short hair, and this was a brush we felt could be used safely and without accidentally causing problems to our dog's skin.

Best Dog Brush: HUGE Review of 10 Grooming Brushes for Dogs (2016)

A many bristled brush is a must for short-hair breeds of dogs (as well as short-haired cats). The bristles are usually of made of actual hair. The stiff, close-bristled brush captures and holds the loose hair and dander. It can be cleaned using a comb and washed with soap and warm water. These brushes may have to be replaced over time as the bristles will show sign of wear over time, but they do last for many years before replacements are needed.

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Brushing is recommended once per day for a short hair dog. Breeds with extra soft hair will need less grooming, once or twice per week should be enough. By grooming, you will spread the oils secreted by the skin on the dog's coat and this will give your dog a healthy, shiny fur.The next step is to brush your dog. Use a short haired, soft wired brush and try brushing in a direction opposite to the direction you used the currycomb. This will remove the remaining hair, the dead skin cells and the impurities from the dog's coat. While doing this, you may also inspect the dog's skin to see if there are any inflammations, rashes, parasites or irregularities. Early detection of skin cancer or any other health issues is important for the well-being of your pet.