way, which gives a lot of wiggle room for dog DNA test accuracy.

This discovery of mislabeling dog breeds leads to a big question: If DNA testing is able to identify a dog’s genetic makeup more accurately than staff assessment, why not implement DNA testing at every shelter?

The dog DNA test is carried out at one of the leading genetic testing laboratories and is highly accurate in breed identification.

The dog breed DNA test is a highly reliable test and can typically identify the majority breeds in a mixed breed canine with great accuracy. However, experience indicates that in a very small number of cases (approximately 2.3% of all DNA canine testing) will yield results that are inaccurate or cannot be interpreted. This is due to two main factors:

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What I question is the supposed accuracy of a test that is working on an unverifiable subject - a shelter mutt. That smells like snake oil to me. Since dogs are all basically alike genetically anyway, much like humans, I think that believing we can extract multiple breeds, most of which are usually preposterous such as Tibetan mastiff x Italian Greyhound x Plott hound sorts of results, is a bit naive.

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Are the tests accurate?
For dog breed testing, yes. They cover hundreds of breeds and can provide your dog’s ‘breed’ family tree as far back as their great grandparents!

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How do I know the results are accurate?
All breed determinations are made by our proprietary computer algorithm that performs more than 18,000,000 calculations of each tested dog’s DNA. The algorithm scans more than 1800 genetic markers that have been collected and looks for matches to breed signatures, then provides a marker-by-marker certainty score for each breed match.Wisdom Panel told Channel 2 it screens for more than 250 breeds. DNA My Dog told us it screens for 88 breeds. Pella said tests screening for more breeds usually will lead to more accurate results.From canine clothing to pet resorts for Rover, many dog owners shell out big bucks for puppy perks, treating their four-legged friends like family. The latest trend is DNA testing for dogs. The tests claim to reveal your dog's breed or breeds if you have a mutt. It's information that they say can be useful because some breeds are predisposed to certain medical conditions. Channel 2 wanted to see just how accurate the DNA tests are.For those of us who love dogs, using DNA tests to deconstruct our mongrel pooch’s mysterious heritage is appealing because we want to be able to answer the question, “What kind of dog is that?” Companies say that DNA-based diagnostic tests, which sell for about $60, can answer the question by comparing your dog’s DNA to over 100 of the most popular breeds. But are the tests accurate? I decided to find out.