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shows the top 20 longest regions of significantly reduced Si. It should be noted that two pairs of putative sweep regions occur at contiguous locations in the same breed (no. 2 and 12 in Beagle and no. 5 and 6 in Irish Wolfhound), which could potentially represent single selective sweeps. The longest region we identified is 3.1 Mb long (chr22: 5.3–8.4 Mb) in beagles. This region overlaps 3 other putative sweeps within the top 20 in other breeds (Gordon Setter, Rottweiler, and Newfoundland) whereas no other regions in the top 20 are overlapping. As this and other regions with strongest evidence for sweeps are long and contain many genes, it is not possible to identify the locus under selection in a single sweep. However, it is interesting to note that they contain genes associated with disease in humans and dogs including epilepsy (KCNQ5), cancer (NPM1, FGR), and autoimmune disease (IL6). A long sweep on chromosome 30 in Golden retrievers spans the RYR1 gene, involved in the skeletal muscle calcium release channel and implicated in canine malignant hyperthermia by linkage analysis . We also identified a number of genes involved in spermatogenesis and fertilization (SPAG1, FNDC3A, CLGN) which is a category often enriched in genes under positive selection in other species .

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Okay, so maybe you’re not a breed identification expert. But, surely people who handle a lot of dogs are better at identifying dogs’ breeds? Not according to the following studies about animal shelter breed labeling:

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Thankfully, dog breed identifier tests don’t cost a fortune and are easy to do in your own home! Are your dog's ears pointed or floppy? If they stand erect, there's a good chance your dog contains some German Shepherd, Husky, Australian Cattle Dog, or maybe even Chihuahua. Floppy ears make identifying the breed more challenging, unless they are long like a hound's. However, there are many different "sets" to dog ears.

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Man’s best friend has inspired a new app – Fetch! Using your iPhone camera or photo library, it can identify and classify dogs by breeds and tell you what kind of human personality fits best with specific breeds. And just for fun, the app will even take an informed guess on what kind of dog you or your friends might be.

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Katie Lytle, a veterinarian with Wisdom Panel, went over their results for Addie with me, pointing out how her traits were a good visual mix of the four breeds they found. In terms of the discrepancy between brands, she said that all of Addie’s Wisdom Panel results were also breeds that DNA My Dog tests for, but ventured that since Addie has two breeds in her that were raised to hunt waterfowl (Lab and English springer spaniel) "if you think about ancestral groups, English setters were in that class as well, so it’s likely that they [DNA My Dog] were identifying the evidence of the group.”BarkPost was pretty excited when we learned about , a new Microsoft-made app for iPhones that identifies your dog’s breed when you take their picture. We took a spin with our pawffice dogs to play Fetch! and see if we could learn a thing or two about our favorite pups. And boy did we.