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Elevated feeders have several other benefits for dogs suffering from certain medical conditions. Older, arthritic dogs experience less pain when eating from a feeder that allows them to stand in a comfortable upright position. Dogs suffering from Mega-esophagus or other conditions that make swallowing difficult are also great candidates for elevated feeders. The raised bowls position your dog’s head above their stomach, allowing food to pass naturally through the esophagus using gravity as an aid.

If you have a tall dog or a dog that’s getting older an elevated dog bowl can be just the trick.

Potential link to canine bloat. As I have already mentioned in the “pros” section when discussing regular food bowl in this article, a found that half of dogs who ate from elevated food bowls also had GDV, a deadly gastrointestinal condition that morphs from bloat. How strong the causality is between elevated feeding and bloat is uncertain, but the study is something to be aware of.

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Raised Dog Bowl Dish, Feeder Elevated Stand, Rustic, Distressed Whitewashed #Hout Have a special theme going on in your kitchen (or wherever you feed your little darling)? Check out our beautiful ceramic dog bowls, intricately designed with gorgeous colors, themes, and motifs. While your hungry hound is enjoying the food, you can enjoy the whimsical designs. So fun! If you want to keep things a little on the tamer side our raised dog bowls also come in a variety of wood finishes for a more subtle, classic look. Our elevated stainless steel diners are the ultimate in sleek, modern living. Plus they come in sizes for small to large dogs, too!

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Considering buying an elevated feeder for your pup or aging dog?Elevated dog dishes are becoming the more popular feeding bowl on the marketthese days. They are available in various designs, materials, heights and priceranges. Unlike your run-of-the-mill feed bowl, raised dog feeders can provide anumber of benefits for both you and your furry friend, but be sure to do yourresearch to see if it’s the right fit for your four legged friend.Even if you can’t afford to buy one, it’s pretty easy to get an elevated plant pot holder from your local Home Depot and put the dog’s bowl in that.• Expense – elevated dog feeders are considerably more expensivethan your standard feeding bowls. While more costly, think of it as an investmentin your best friend’s health. Here at Brake-Fast, we offer a variety of stylishdesigns at a discount.
Learn more about .Raised dog food bowls, which are also commonly known as elevated feeders, are typically not needed for pets, according to veterinarian Jon Gellar. Not only do dogs generally not need to eat from bowls that are raised high off the floor, these feeders are in some cases thought to be detrimental to them. Despite that, dogs with certain medical ailments do benefit from eating out of raised food bowls.