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There are many products designed to protect dog paw pads during the winter month, from pet safe deicing products to protective waxes and dog booties. Safe Paw is a common pet-friendly deicer, but sand, small stones, and kitty litter (non-clumping) are also options for deicing while protecting your dog’s pads from injury and chemical burns. Musher’s Secret is one of the most popular paw waxes. Paw wax is applied to the pads of the feet before a walk, forming a protective barrier between the paw and the salty sidewalk or pavement. Paw wax will wear away after extended exercise, and should be reapplied before each walk.

The Thera-Paw™ Dog Boot aids in relief from corns and warts, and are the ultimate protection for painful and injured paws. TheraPaw is available in two sizes

Healers Pet Medical Dog Boots are designed as a medical aid for your pets allergy and injured stricken paws. It enables an owner to easily put the dog bootie on and off the sore or injured paw. The Healers custom non-adherent, triple-layer gauze inserts fits the interior of the dog bootie and acts as a bandage to absorb moisture.

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Jan 21, 2011 - Even if Spot isn't injured, his paws need to breathe; PawZ boots trap moisture and heat, which isn't a healthy environment for a dog's feet. Commonly made from either rubber, fabric, or plastic, dog booties offer a substantial degree of protection and insulation for your pup's paws that not only help to shield them from the elements, but also to protect their sensitive areas from injury. Consider the anatomy of a dog's paw. While it's a bit thicker than the skin at the bottom of a person's foot, that doesn't mean your pet is any less vulnerable to injury.

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There are often times that our dogs need protection for their paws. It could be protection from snow and salt, protection from hot sidewalks or protection for medical purposes. Sidewalks and roads are coated with salt during the winter, and can be equally as abrasive during the hot summer months. A good pair of dog boots is not just for winter weather, they are also great protection for hot pavement, walking on gravel roads or rocky hikes. Without proper protection, your dog may injure or burn its paws. Dogs also may cut their pads and need protection during the healing process, or you may want to prevent them from licking their paws while suffering from allergies.

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VetGood protective veterinary dog boots are a must for pets recovering from paw injuries and wounds needing to heal quickly, and with minimum fuss. No matter what your pet’s limb issues are, from broken bones to an orthopedic or soft tissue surgery or other type of veterinary wound or incision procedure requiring a bandage or splint; our waterproof protective boots can keep your dog’s injuries and wound care products clean and dry so they can heal properly.And because we designed them specifically for this purpose, they work much better than any makeshift solution that could result in other serious problems.These breathable boots include an upper drawstring enclosure and adjustable elastic Velcro straps that help make sure it fits securely over your dog’s bandage or splint, while keeping it simple to remove.VetGood boots are also available in a , from XS to XL, so you know they will fit your pup’s paw size correctly, no matter how big or small of a dog you have. And that means easier walks for you and your dog, and fewer bandage changes and rewraps. Keep your dog from licking, chewing, or scratching their veterinary wounds with the VetGood protective dog boot and help make the healing process quicker, smoother and get your pet back on his or her paws.A couple of weeks ago we adopted Nigel from our local SPCA. He's a very good dog and, thank God, he has come through a lot of challenges. It seems that he was found on the street as a stray and taken to the SPCA. His condition was not very good and he needed to be fed with an eye dropper for some time to get his strength back. After several surgeries he was finally ready to come home. We were told that Nigel must have sustained an injury to his left foreleg that was never repaired. Perhaps someone had stepped on and broken his leg. As a result, Nigel learned to compensate by either leaning on the joint above his paw while walking, or hopping on his other 3 legs. He seemed undaunted by any discomfort or inconvenience and loved the company of other people and pets. Nigel loves to walk and romp about. Indoors, that works out okay. When outside, though, he had a tendency to scuff his skin raw on his foreleg when on harder surfaces. For our first days with Nigel, we initially purchased some dog boots from a local store, but discovered a couple things. (a) there wasn't the type of 'fitting advice' that we got from Ultra Paws; (b) the locally purchased boots did not come in the very small size needed to fit Nigel; (c) the other boots didn't have the dual Velcro closures that Ultra Paws uses, to keep them in place; and (d) the other boots did not have the protective padding design. At the suggestion of the vet that had been looking over his care, we had contacted Ultra Paws to see what would work to protect his left forepaw. With the Ultra Paws boots, Nigel enjoys his walks with his playmate Peanut. They take turns to see who can make us walk faster. His left foreleg shows no further signs of scuffing, and the former redness and irritation seem to be going away. After 2 weeks, Nigel, Peanut and our cats Pumpkin and Sailor have found a new routine at home. We're very fortunate and happy! - Dave & Mary Pat M - New Jersey (Ultra Paws® Durable)