Man turns leaf blower on dog with hilarious results.

The WATCHDOG™ Blower Siren uses a patented smart chip that continuously monitors the electricity flowing to the blower. If something changes, it sounds the alarm!

21 Dogs Who Made Poor Life Choices: this dog went after a leaf blower:

Using an Air Force Master Blaster 8 hp blower to get out shedding hair, dust, and dander from a Siberian Husky. This process takes 10 minutes per dog and eliminates the pulling of hair. The dogs like the way it feels once they learn

Pick your victor: dog or leaf blower? Via

Most dogs would be scared of a leaf blower. However, this brave little dog is ready for a fight. Obviously, this will be a great boon to Passive House construction, so move over —the latest Passive Tool is now woofy. The blower-dog test can be performed at any stage of construction, both before and after walls are sealed up. Because of the low cost (a large bag of Purina goes for about $30), it can be performed multiple times throughout the process, making it easier to fix leaks fast. And one thing you can’t say about traditional blower doors: purchase a pair of them and you won’t wake to discover a litter of tiny doors nipping at your heels a few months later. These blower-dogs are frisky!

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The K-9 II Extra Power Blower/Dryer is perfect for long, thick-hair breeds, cage drying and double hose use. Choice of two speeds and two temperatures. Powered by two 22,500 RPM motor turbines, 58,329 FPM air flow. 110/120-volts. Great for drying dogs as well as large animals.

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A dog dryer should never have an auxiliary heating element. Never. Due to the sensitive nature of a dogs undercoat and skin, a high heat dog dryer should never be used. All dog dryers will warm the air up slightly due to the nature of the blower motor design. This is acceptable. Do not consider a dog dryer with a heater for use. This is not a safe way to dry or groom your dog.If the engineers who originally designed the dog dryer you are looking at did not take quietness into mind, they certainly do not understand dogs, nor do they understand grooming. While no dog dryer can be silent, look for a dog dryer which states they have engineered in some baffling or foam noise reductions. A polymer housing will absorb/block noise much more than a metal housing will.Some dog dryers we have seen and tested have very cheap, blow-molded or fabric covered hoses. These have very limited life. With both designs, the air pressure will eventually either crack or put holes in these hoses. Look for a dog dryer with a spiral-wound commercial-duty hose. These hoses are much more expensive (2-3 times) than cheaper hoses but will yield a substantially longer life.This means if it is a metal housed blower, it could contain lead or actually anything. Each shipment could be completely different in its metal content. If it is a molded dog dryer, the material may change with each shipment - regardless of what the US reseller wants. As we have seen with toys manufactured in China, lead and everything else finds its way into their products.