The right blaster dog grooming dryer is among the best

The strength of a dog dryer is measured by how many cubic feet of air it can push out per minute. A higher value, or CFM, means that a dryer will blast more air.

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Almost all Air Force Blaster products provide a variety of useful dog dryer features that make grooming an easier experience overall.

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pictures of dog grooming shops | grooming set turbo blaster dryer with stand and grooming table Last but not least, the force dryer. This is my workhorse dryer that I couldn't live without. It only has a few settings: fast, faster, and fastest. Or, on some models, on and off. These dryers are not made with heating elements at all. They don't need one. Their purpose is to blast the water up and off of the coat when you hold the nozzle close to the skin. The only heat they produce is from their own motors as they get warm. You'll notice, if you ever get the chance to use one, that it appears that dust is flying out of the coat. This is not dust; it is actually water droplets and water vapor! These dryers were made to "force" the water off the hair, thus leaving the pet dry. They can get your pet completely dry in a few minutes, versus half an hour to an hour or more with other models. Other models are made to dry the water that is on the coat. This just removes the water from the coat. Sometimes I end up wearing the water, especially on thick coated dogs, where there is a lot to remove. After most of the water has been removed, the leftover dampness dries very quickly. The other neat thing about force drying is that it will also blast shedding hair out of a coat, making brushing 10 times easier, and it will straighten curly coats. A straight coat is ideal for working with when cutting the hair.

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When you're done with the car, or the bike.. dry the dog! The Blaster Dryer is also sold as a professional dog grooming dryer. We bet you could dry your own hair in less than a minute.. Ha!

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K-9 III3) Force dryers, or blaster dryers, are some of the most powerful blow dryers for dogs available on the market. Unlike stand and cage dryers, these typically do not come with a heating element.