Following is a list of 4 of the best dog bike baskets available:

"Wow, I was surprised with the ease of installing it on my bike. My dog absolutely loved it!!! He didn't want to get back in the car!!! lol I have a husky and had concerns about him pulling me lunging for another dog. It was amazing. My bicycle was stable and I continued to pedal. I couldn't ask for a more perfect experience bicycling with my dog. Thank you so much! Now I don't have to feel guilty when I leave to bike. Now he can go with me!Thank you for a great product!!! -Anita"

Dogs learn safe dog biking with the 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash® in just a few strides.

Gamsby-Kesling says once your dog moves beyond his threshold—the point at which he begins reacting to the bike instead of paying attention to you—your training won't stick, so be sure to proceed slowly.

Training your dog to run alongside your bike

An overview of the WalkyDog bike leash from  The safe way to ride a bike with your dog. Keep in mind that hot, rough or asphalt roads may be abrasive to paw pads, so start slowly and, where possible, ride on trails or along grassy or sandy shoulders. Also remember that cycling/running can be thirsty work, so carry a good supply of water and a bowl for your dog to drink from. Water bottle carriers that screw into your bike frame can accommodate 20-ounce water bottles or common plastic bottles up to 48 ounces. If you are going off the beaten track or on tour you may want to consider a water bladder (MSR Dromedary) or a water filtration system (Katadyn).

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When your dog is comfortable walking beside the bike, get on the bike and start pedalling slowly but steadily, ideally in an area with little car traffic. This will encourage your dog to increase his pace to a fast walk or easy trot. As your dog jogs along beside you, praise him for being such a good cycling partner. Avoid making any sudden movements that might spook your dog and cause him to fear the bike. If you turn, make it wide.

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Biking can be an extremely enjoyable activity for both dog and owner when the right precautions are taken. We recommend biking with a bike leash for dogs that are at least 25 lbs. For dogs 25 lbs and under, consider one of our or trailers. In most cases biking with a bike leash is an activity that is best suited for medium to large dogs. Your dog needs to be in good health and it is ideal to get a checkup with your dog’s vet before beginning any serious exercise. Dogs with slight builds will be able to bike for longer distances than heavier or more muscular breeds so keep this in mind when deciding how far to bike your pup. Breeds such as Bulldogs and Pugs that have flat faces are not designed for distance running because they can become overheated very quickly. They also don’t move air in and out as efficiently as other breeds. Breeds with long bodies or short legs also aren't designed for distance running and this should be taken into consideration. Biking is not an activity for puppies. Your dog should be at least a year old and a minimum of 25 lbs to start biking. They should be closer to a year and a half before biking longer distances. Please use common sense when biking your dog. Build up stamina slowly and never push your dog beyond their means.Some dogs take to this type of exercise right away and others need to be acclimated a little more slowly. Of course there are also dogs that just aren't cut out for biking. This is why we offer a on our bike leashes in case you or your dog are not completely happy. The safety and enjoyment for both you and your dog are our #1 concern.