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Over the last two decades, the role of the domestic dog has undergone significant change. who used to live in a house with family members around all day, every day-and who had a big backyard in which to play and chase rabbits-may find themselves in an empty house 8 to 10 hours a day and being taken on a leash to a place to eliminate. Some have a difficult time adjusting to this lifestyle, and many occur because are on their own and entertaining themselves inside the house. Other problems arise because dogs are more intimate members of the family than they were before and share closer quarters with their human families. Still other problems occur because of the difficulty dogs have adapting their natural behavior’s to the limited environment of the modern urban home.

Boredom and frustration are major causes of behavior problems in dogs.

Playing with humans can affect the levels of dogs. In one study, the cortisol responses of police dogs and border guard dogs was assessed after playing with their handlers. The cortisol concentrations of the police dogs increased, whereas the border guard dogs' hormone levels decreased. The researchers noted that during the play sessions, police officers were disciplining their dogs, whereas the border guards were truly playing with them, i.e. this included bonding and affectionate behaviours. They commented that several studies have shown that behaviours associated with control, authority or aggression increase cortisol, whereas play and affiliative behaviour decrease cortisol levels.

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An otherwise gentle, friendly dog can behave aggressively when in pain. Puppy training is essential to raising a well-behaved and socially adjusted adult canine. This is because behaviors learned or allowed during a dog's formative years are the ones that become ingrained in his or her consciousness as acceptable in adulthood. Because dogs age faster than human beings do, training becomes essential to embark upon early in life. This is important in order to ensure negative behaviors are corrected before they can become ingrained as normal or natural.

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Puppy training courses deal with many common, but negative dog behavior patterns and will help your puppy become a disciplined and well-adjusted adult dog. We strongly recommend puppy training courses for every dog and dog owner.

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