Use the Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed when backpacking and camping

A must-have for the most adventurous dog, this ultralight, compressible, and waterproof dog bed/sleeping mat is perfect for backpacking and camping trips. Use as a travel dog bed, or unzip to allow the sides of the bed to unfold and transform into a canine sleeping bag (perfect for keeping your dog warm on cool nights). Made in USA.

Ruffwear Highlands Backpacking Dog Bed : Duke and Dutch each need one of these!

For backpacking gear, Ruffwear strives to design gear that is light, but also as durable as possible, knowing that your dog will probably run with wild abandon through brush, briar and against rocks. A true backpacking dog pack has to be durable in the right areas, have zippers that open from the back forward (to prevent accidental opening when closed) and has to fit securely and comfortably. A dog bed has to balance lightweight with durable materials to protect it from claws and rocks. It should also be filled with synthetic material to ensure it retains its insulating properties when your wet dog curls up on it. These are just a few examples of the detailed thought that goes into designing our gear.

Backpacking Dog Bed: Tips on How to Choose One

Homemade dog bed for backpacking trip! Made with foam mat, stuffing and old t shirt. Many of us like to bring our dogs along on our extended outdoor adventures, whether it be backpacking, camping, or even hunting. Unless you want to share your sleeping setup, dogs usually appreciate their own bed and even sleeping bag, especially during winter. A couple of companies have created dog beds specific for camping, making sure your furry friend has a warm, dry, and comfortable place to call her own.

How to choose the right backpacking dog bed

Not to rain on your thought-train, but carrying a dog bed never was on my list to bring when I backpacked with my dog. He always found a place to curl up and sleep on his own—and not inside the tent. They evolved outdoors for the last tens of millions of years.

What to look for in backpacking dog beds

After a long day at the park or on the trail, let your dog relax and rest on a comfy dog bed from Backcountry K-9. Check out our selection for backpacking and camping, including the Highlands Sleep System from Ruffwear. For home and travel, dog beds from Ruffwear, Mountainsmith and ChuckIt! fit the bill. Have questions about the best bed for your dog? for expert help.I hope to take my ten-year-old German shorthair pointer backpacking with me soon. At home, he sleeps indoors on a dog bed and likes to be covered with a blanket, even when it's not particularly chilly in the house. No doubt he will look at me askance if, when in a tent, I'm cozy in a sleeping bag and he's simply beside me on a pad.At only 14 ounces, the Highlands Bed is ideal for multi-day backpacking trips. The synthetic Thermore™ insulation keeps your dog warm and retains its insulating properties even when wet. For colder nights, just add the Quinzee Jacket – which wraps your dog in the same 50% recycled Thermore insulation retaining core body heat.Check out the Ruff Wear Highlands Dog Bed at Backcountry Edge:

Soft, warm, lightweight and packable, the Ruff Wear Highlands Bed allows your 4-legged backpacking companion to enjoy comfortable nights in the backcountry.