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Artificial pet grass is something that dog owners attempt to use to potty train their dog or as a continuing solution to their dog potty needs while living in the city without a yard. There are many pet potty systems out there that profess the effectiveness of artificial pet grass using drainage systems and massive amounts of cleaners. Well, after being in business for over 7 years let us tell you the truth behind using artificial pet grass as a potty solution for your dog.

SUN POTTY Premium Artificial Turf Dog Potty Grass Patch Puppy Pee Tray

The biggest mistake you can make when choosing an indoor dog potty for your dog is to use an artificial grass indoor dog potty. Since 2006 we have been replacing artificial grass indoor dog potty systems with our natural grass indoor dog potty. Frustrated dog owners have attempted over the last few years to train their dogs to use fake synthetic grass since the market was flooded with them a while back.

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This dog potty with artificial grass is a good lower-priced option for puppies and smaller dogs. Artificial grass for dogs is the perfect solution to your pet potty problems. Whether you live in an apartment or a sprawling estate, getting your dog to go in the same place can be tough. If you have a yard, you know how tough it can be to have a designated spot for your pup to do his business—and keep your yard looking top-notch. If you have an apartment or condo, you know what a pain it is to take your pup down the elevator and across the street every time he has to do his business.

Artificial Grass AirDrain Pet Relief Area Dog Potty DIY

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