Canine vs. Feline Tracks - How to tell the difference between them.

Roscoe walked right up to a Paw Prints volunteer who was grilling chicken in his backyard and started talking to him. Roscoe was super friendly and a neutered male, so surely someone lost a pet!? We tried and tried to find his home, but nobody stepped forward. Now it's time to find Roscoe's new furever home. He has no teeth so we don't know how old he is, but our guess would be 10+ years. He is a perfect lap cat and would love to cuddle with you all night and then sit by a window and watch the leaves blow in the breeze. He does not care for other cats and we don't know about dogs. To submit an application on Roscoe or any other Paw Prints kitty, . (KN)

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This gorgeous young girl, Charlotte, has a lot of love to give. She enjoys her humans and often follows right behind them. When she wants to be petted or feels like having a drink from the faucet, she knows how to get her foster mom's attention by patiently sitting in front of her and staring into her eyes. Charlotte is a very calm and quiet cat and has learned how to get along with all five cats in her foster home, as well as the three dogs. Although she isn't much of a lap cat, she does love to be petted and she is OK with being picked up. She is ready to find out who will be her furever best friend. To submit an application on Charlotte or any other Paw Prints kitty, . (TS)

How To Tell The Difference Between Canine & Feline Tracks..

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What Is the Difference Between a Dog & Cat Paw Print

And that's why today I decided to share this guide to cat and dog paw prints. It's the perfect place to continue your journey as a budding naturalist or tracker. To the untrained eye, it's difficult to tell the difference between cat and dog tracks. Both animals have four toes on their front and back feet, but there is a key feature that differentiates them. Take a close look at the print - do you see small triangular marks in front of each toe? These are claw marks. Cats walk with their claws retracted, so a feline paw print will show no sign of them. On the other hand, dog claws are always out and leave an imprint when they walk or run. When spotting tracks in the sand or snow, you may be wondering what type of track it is and whether it is a canine or feline paw print. There are some easy ways to differentiate between the two. Knowing the anatomy and shape of canine and feline paws will help determine whether you are following a dog or a cat.Make a DIY paw print ornament to celebrate the holiday season with your cat or dog. Here’s your how-to guide, including a recipe for dough that is safe for pets: Mix together 4 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 ½ cups of water, and knead until dough is well combined. Roll out dough and cut into desired shapes. Press your pet’s paw into the dough and then bake in a 350-degree F oven for 12 minutes. Let the ornaments cool completely before sprucing them up as you like! #PetLifeHack