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Years after dog DNA testing was first introduced, though, it's finally becoming mainstream. Since Mars Veterinary launched its dog DNA test in 2007, Wisdom Panel, the company—owned by Mars, Incorporated—claims to have sold some 400,000 tests—with the latest consumer version selling for $84.99 a pop. Its other major competitor is DNA My Dog—owned by a Canadian firm—which charges $59.99 per test. Both claim to unlock the mysteries of a dog's genes to reveal their breeds.

May 5, 2015 - DNA tests for dogs are helping owners find out the exact breeds of their K-9 friends.

There are two types of DNA tests; one is a blood test, the other is a cheek swab. The swab can easily be contaminated before it’s placed into the sterile container. Therefore, at , we use the blood test. A sample is obtained by our experienced veterinary technicians, making the process quick and easy. Your dog’s blood sample is then sent to the lab for analysis. It is compared with more than 250 types of breeds and over 3000 genetic markers. After a few weeks you receive a thorough (and very cool) report. Here is a sample for a dog named Lucy.

Want to Dig Into Your Dog's Roots? DNA Testing For Dogs

A: As opposed to over-the-counter DNA tests for dogs, ROYAL CANIN® Genetic Health Analysis™ is sold exclusively through veterinary clinics As a breeder/owner/broker using AKC services, what happens if I refuse to make my dogs available during a routine kennel inspection?
Refusing to make dogs available for DNA testing is considered the same as refusing inspection and may result in action by the AKC Management Disciplinary Committee. Inspection procedures provide that the AKC has the right to inspect the records required to be kept and to examine any dog registered or to be registered with the American Kennel Club. Such examination may include DNA tests or other procedures at the discretion of the AKC. Responsible breeders with accurate records have everything to gain by incorporation of these DNA tests into the routine inspection program.

A dog DNA test is surprisingly easy and affordable

To help clients maximize DNA testing for their dogs, DDC Veterinary is offering discounted pricing when a client purchases multiple DNA tests for the same dog. The standard price for most tests is $58 per DNA sample, and each additional test for the same DNA sample can be ordered for only $20 each.

Now you can—with dog DNA testing

While co-ops and rentals may use the tests if specific breeds are banned, in large part, the sales of DNA tests have been fueled owner curiosity and by animal shelters, which to help place pets into homes. When adopting a pet, prospective owners want to know how big the dogs will get, whether they're good with kids and if the dogs might be suitable for, say, apartment living. Knowing the breed makeup can shed light on that. Wisdom Panel even makes a shelter test called DogTrax, which gives fast-tracked results since shelter dogs so often have a short amount of time to find a home. Knowing a dog's breed is also helpful in knowing what health issues for which the dog may be at risk. Tests also differ in the number of breeds available for comparison. Mars Veterinary interrogates the genetic signatures of more than 130 of the 159 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).* MMI Genomics recently announced the XL version of their test, which has a database of more than 100 breeds. The breed list available for BioPet Vet Lab contains 58 breeds. DNA Print Genomics does not report specific breed matches; rather, “15 elements of dog ancestry” are revealed, and the customer performs a search of the company’s online database to identify matches to particular breeds. Since each test interrogates a different set of breeds, sending your dog’s sample to more than one company may not return identical results.