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The process sounds a lot more complicated in print. When you receive your Life Stages dog crate, you'll find the folding sequence is simplicity itself. The ABS plastic pan stays in place, but the divider panel must be removed for your Life Stages crate to fold.

Divider Panel for Midwest 1154U Big Dog Crate - Cuts Housebreaking Time in Half!

This leaves the collapsible wire mesh crate with a movable divider as the preferred training crate for growing dogs as well as for travel with large dogs. You will want to purchase a crate that will accommodate your puppy when fully grown, and that also includes a divider which you can use to limit his sleeping area as well as easily adjust the space as he grows. When fitting his sleeping area, the sleeping space should allow for comfortable rest so that he can stretch out but should not be so large that it provides him with enough space for him stake out two areas: one for sleeping and another one for eliminating. A puppy that gets into the habit of soiling his crate will be very difficult to house break. The privacy-den effect can be added to the wire crate by draping the crate with a sheet or towel.

Divider Panel for 1154U Big Dog Crate.

8. Replace floor pan and divider. Replace dry bedding and toys inside the crate. Now your clean dog crate is ready for your dog to use again. We carry a selection of dog crate dividers for different crate models. Please scroll down the page to locate the Midwest dog crate divider for your crate.

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Midwest Life Stages Crates are available in 6" length increments. As the crate models get longer, they also get wider and taller, so the different sized crates are designed for different sizes and breeds of dog. Remember: Because of the divider panel, you only need one crate from puppy to adult, so buy your crate for the expected size of your adult dog.

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Although many Midwest Dog Crates have a divider panel included, some are sold separately and some people have just misplaced the item. We offer a range of divider panels for a range of Midwest Dog Crates.We recommend that you buy the crate for the adult size of your dog. The divider panel (included for free) allows you to adjust the size of the living area, so your crate adapts to the size of your dog as he grows. One crate for all stages of your dog's life!Life Stages dog crates offer great value with both the divider panel and ABS plastic pan included. These crates fold easily without tools, include carrying handles and are ideal for the pet owner who wants a dog crate that is quick and easy to fold and carry, yet sturdy enough to contain an active pet.A dog crate with divider grows with your puppy. It is a sensible choice, especially for large to jumbo pups who are going to double in size monthly for the first few months. This divider can be set at any depth so the crate is cozy for your pup at every age and stage.