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This is the perfect dog collar for the active pet owner. This reflective collar will help keep both you and your dog safe when walking early mornings or after dusk. It’s also waterproof. This collar can be customized by having your dog’s info engraved onto a stainless steal slide on tag.

You can further customize your dog's collar by adding one or more stripes to the collar.

Just by chance that day, Orvis customer Peggy Hinson stopped by the pound and took notice of Buddy. Driving away from the pound, she just couldn't get the dog out of her mind. When she got home, she called back and asked if the dog had any identification. She was told he had an embroidered collar with his name and phone number-but no area code. Suddenly it clicked with Hinson that Buddy was wearing the familiar Orvis dog collar.

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Create your own Custom Dog Collars from the options below, or choose from a design in our . Most who come to this site have a bully breed or working breed dog. We know there's an extra responsibility in sharing our lives with these types of dogs and how important reliable equipment is. I believe that collars for the heavier-duty breeds should be infallible and that’s how came to be. Since 2003 has been building custom collars specifically made for the heavy-duty breed dogs and working and law enforcement canines. I began the company with the special needs of these types of dogs in mind and the equipment I produce is based on these ideas:

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Deluxe Embroidered personalized leash for you favorite dog. Create a leash to match your custom collar! Made from the same material to match!1" wide and 60" Long

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