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2. Keep in mind personality and size of your dog. Personalized dog collars are made for all sizes: from small dogs, medium large, extra large and up to XX large size dogs. However, it really depends of style and type of dog, which personalized collars will you have in mind.

3. The main thing to consider when buying a custom made dog collars is that collars have to be comfortable around your dog's neck. It should not be too tight, but not too loose either. Think if you have to wear a piece of leather around your neck all the time, you would want it to fit comfortably, so you do not even know you are wearing it.

Custom Made Dog Collars - Mahogany Leather Dog Collar - Large Collars for Dogs | eBay

I ordered collars and leashes for my three dogs each in a different plaid. All three of the plaids were great looking and the back side of the collars and leashes are done in a sturdy coordinating nylon webbing that I'm sure will hold up for a long time. They also use high quality stainless steel hardware on the collars and leashes. I also ordered new dog tags for the collars that were also made really well. The tags are a nice heavy piece of stainless with great looking designs on the front and nicely engraved on the back. In addition to being a really well made product Joanne in customer service can't do enough to help you out. I had questions before ordering that she took her time answering for me and I had a misspelled name on one of the tags which she replaced for me with no problems. I'll definitely buy from The Artful Canine again, great product and customer service.

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Custom Made Dog Collars - Mahogany Leather Dog Collar - Large Collars for Dogs | eBay

We make the Coolest Personalized custom embroidered dog collars. Why? Because they are Designed by You!

Go BEYOND store-bought dog collars. We work with you to create and dog Collars and Leashes that are incredibly unique and beyond fabulous!

~ It's all about fun here ~
Our unique dog collar shop was created to allow you to bring your dog's personality to life with their most essential fashion accessory. We pride ourselves in offering a wide assortment of embellishments and extras to individualize ato fit your dog's unique personality. and get ready to have some fun as you create your one-of-a-kind personalized dog collar that's just perfect for your favorite companion.

Made with designer or eco friendly fabrics wrapped around 100% cotton webbing. This allows us to make a beautiful embroidered collar with all the ruff embroidery work 100% hidden. Choose from our fantastic collection of unique , , and You can even bring the bling to your collar with genuine Choose either nickle plated metal buckles, curved plastic side release buckles or laser engraved personalized buckles. Don't forget to add your embroidered phone number to the front or inside of your personalized ID dog collar.

We also carry fun pre-designed embroidered dog collars and leashes to delight both ladies and gents. All of our fabric embroidered collars are also individually handcrafted made to order. Made with designer fabrics wrapped around 100% cotton webbing hiding all the ruff embroidery. Customize these dog collars with your favorite , and . Add your embroidered phone number to the inside of your embroidered dog collar if your pup decides to wonder off.

Like most of our Dog Collars these are made from 100% Cotton fabric wrapped around 100% cotton webbing which makes a 100% comphy collar. Beautiful fabrics are chosen for these collars so they look great just the way they are, or you can personalize these with your pups name and phone number if you would like. It's up to you!

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are here at Bestie Dog Collars too. The nylon dog collar and leads are also handcrafted right here in Sunny Ventura County California in the USA. Made to order with designer cotton fabrics sewn onto nylon webbing with plastic curved side release buckles.
~ The Tagless Alternative ~
A not only looks great, but can help identify your dog without noisy or heavy ID tags. Embroider your phone number onto the front or inside of any personalized or custom embroidered dog collar to bring your loved one home safely should they wonder off.

Make a great addition to your personalized or custom dog collar and custom leash. Your matching embroidered bag attatches right to your embroidered leash or belt buckle. Store dog bags, sanitizer, phone, keys, treats and what ever in your personalized bag. They also make a great matching bag for you! A great makeup bag, pencil bag, or catch all.

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