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The unfolds to 59 by 63 inches. Double up this machine washable fleece blanket for a soft cushion or spread it out over a couch as protection from the dog's fur. Before a car trip, toss the blanket over the back seat to protect it from muddy paws. The Animal Planet pet blanket is available in tan with a paw print design.

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This is another of the 10 best blankets for dogs that is similar in size, 40 by 50 inches, making it ideal for any use. You can wash the blanket in your washing machine so you don’t have to worry about hand washing or trying to pre-clean it with a vacuum attachment. There are five colors to choose from and the blanket is also reversible. It is large enough to cover most of the back seat in your car or the majority of your couch, letting you protect the upholstery from dog fur, scratches, mud, and dirt.

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Double up this machine washable fleece blanket for a soft cushion or spread it out over a couch as protection from the dog's fur The is machine washable and available in a variety of colors. The blanket is two sided with ultra soft fleece on one side and sherpa on the other. Let dogs pick their favorite side for snuggling. The blanket measures 40 by 50 inches, so it may not cover the entirety of a couch, though it should cover most car back seats.

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Your dog’s efforts to hide his toys may seem funny to you, especially if his hiding places are not all that hidden. My , Bruce, had a habit of saving his favorite chews and hiding them in what he clearly thought were super secret locations — usually underneath the couch cushions or inside blankets or discarded sweatshirts. His diligent efforts to hide his treasures often seemed largely ineffective to my family: Despite frantic digging, scratching and pushing his valuables into the couch or bed, the end result was often that the item was just as visible as it was to begin with. But Bruce was undaunted and always seemed quite satisfied with his hard work — and quite confident no one would unearth his prize.

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Our dogs become a part of our family. We do everything we can to ensure they are comfortable and happy. The market is flooded with dog blanket for the couch, but they are not all created equal. You want to ensure that you are buying a blanket that can protect your furniture. When you protect your furniture from unwanted pet hair and messes, you are prolonging its life. Furniture is something that should last you for years, and you do not want it wearing out before its time is over.When it comes to outdoor gear, many people turn to L.L. Bean for quality and comfortable supplies. The is thick and plush to give pets a comfortable place to take a nap. One side has ultra-soft fleece and the other side uses 14 oz. cotton denim to give it a rugged and durable design. It sits easily atop a couch or car seat to protect upholstery from muddy paws and pet hair. Shoppers can choose from four different sizes to find a blanket that best works for their pets. Sizes range from Small (20 inches by 25 inches) for cats, small dogs, ferrets and more to Extra Large (42 inches by 52 inches) for large dogs. The fabric is brown and tan to hide pet stains more effectively.