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Viva Coco is all natural coconut water made just for dogs by Innovative Pet Solutions. This creative product is actually a powder that mixes easily with regular water, so it is much easier to transport and store.

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Yes, dogs can have coconut as long as you don’t let them have large amounts at once. Raw coconut is the best way to feed it to them because of the nutrients in the fresh coconut meat. Coconut is rich in protein and carbohydrates, both of which are necessary in very active dogs to help create energy and build muscle. This combination is also good for older dogs if they don’t have any existing health conditions. The coconut water is lower in salt, sugar, and calories, so it’s good for boosting energy while helping with hydration. In the heat of summer, coconut water is an excellent treat for your dog. Just consider it the Gatorade for dogs. You can give them small amounts after strenuous exercise or freeze them into small treats to give them electrolytes.

Nightmare or Blessing: Can Dogs Drink Coconut Water?

My dogs have not tried coconut water, but both love just about everything! My dogs have not tired coconut water before. My dog Hazel is a bit picky, so I don’t know if she would like it, but my other dog Summer loves to eat anything that has a flavor! 🙂

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For these benefits and hydration, up to 1-2 tbsp of Viva Coco is recommended per day, depending on your dog’s size. Each tbsp dissolves in about 8 oz of water. Don’t be surprised if you see a bit of the powder settling on the top; it is completely normal.

Apr 23, 2015 - Yes, dogs can drink coconut water

Yes, dogs CAN drink coconut water! Not only is coconut water safe for dogs, but it has many potential health benefits, too. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. When coconut water is fed to dogs, it has been shown to clear skin conditions, sweeten dog breath, condition their fur and even ease arthritis.Coconut comes in many forms, but not all of these forms are okay for dogs. Dried coconut is particularly popular as snacks or toppings for salads and desserts, but some brands are loaded with added sugar to make it more palatable to people. Sugar can cause digestive upset or weight gain in dogs, so they shouldn’t anything with lots of sugar. Any coconut found in candies should never be given, especially if chocolate is an ingredient. If you’re giving your dog coconut water, ensure that the only ingredient is coconut water. Again, many companies add a ton of sugar to their product so people will drink more of it.So, . Limit your furry friend’s time in/playing with/drinking too much water, taking frequent breaks – especially, if your dog has no “self turn off” button. Make your dog take frequent potty breaks to get rid of excess fluids through urination. Use caution when your dog rehydrates, limiting the amounts of water it drinks at once. Take breaks before re-filling the bowl. You may also offer moderate levels of electrolytes (such as coconut water) for your dog’s rehydration, instead of regular water.But coconut oil is not the only part of coconuts that can benefit your dog! Coconut water is another great option. And when it comes to coconut water, dogs actually like it! Well, maybe not every dog, but many people think it’s crazy to think that dogs would enjoy coconut water.