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I just made 12 pounds of chicken breasts into dried chicken jerky. Most will be bagged and given out to doggies I know for Christmas. I do have a meat slicer and dehydrator which makes the job so much easier. I keep them frozen and refrigerated. Also I do not add anything, no salt, no spices and dogs love them. If you buy your chicken breast on sale and freeze them until ready to make you’ll save a lot over buying the strips, plus you can be assured of their safety.

My dogs have been eating the chicken jerky treats for years and the have never had one problem..

We have been giving our dogs the Waggin Train chicken jerky treats for about a year and have no problem, Thank God. But was wondering why we could not find them in the stores that we shop. Well, now after hearing about all this, I am so thankful that we could not find them or else we would have bought them and put our little angels at risk. We will not be looking for them anymore and am very thankful that we were lucky and our poor babies had no troubles.

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Many people have said their dogs health issues cleared up after they stopped feeding them chicken jerky treats made in China. Our four pound Pomeranian died from wagon train chicken jerky treats. We took her off the treats about three years ago after hearing word that they were tainted. She had all the symptoms listed in the information we are receiving now. How many dogs have died and the owners still do not know this was the cause? Spread the word! While my wife shops, I hang out near the treats and warn people. Please copy articles from you PC and pass them out. Tell neighbors, friends, and relatives. I am very bitter towards the stores that still stock these products. I wonder how some people can sleep at night.

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Wow, after reading this, I think my dog’s over drinking and excessive urination has been resolved. He is diabetic but his curve shows his insulin dose is perfect. His vet has tested him many times for a UTI and other possible issues. I have been giving him Golden Rewards snacks as a reward for being good while getting his insulin shot. Most of the snacks have been the chicken jerky, chicken tenders and chicken wrapped biscuit. I will alert his vet to this issue. It seems that she may have to check for kidney disease now.
Do you happen to have an update concerning the investigation of the products?

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Here’s a recipe for every dog’s favorite: chicken jerky. Before you start, make sure you have a very sharp knife. Also, partially frozen meat is easier to slice, and the thinner the slices, the less time they take to dry.Australian news organizations report that the University of Sydney is also investigating an association between illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky in Australia. At least one firm in Australia has recalled their chicken jerky product and the recall notification stated the product was manufactured in China.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to caution consumers about a potential association between the development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products. The products—also called chicken tenders, strips, or treats—are imported from China. FDA continues to receive complaints of sick dogs that their owners or veterinarians associate with eating chicken jerky products. FDA issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September 2007.Do you want hard jerky or soft jerky? My dogs enjoy the softer type of jerky so I take out the chicken when it’s still pliable — not rock hard. It doesn’t last as long on the counter, but my dogs really love it. They eat the hard stuff, but they don’t go after it with the same type of “animal” hunger like they do the soft homemade chicken jerky dog treats.