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Not only is the K-9 Kondo doghouse durable, it is chew-proof, affordable, built in the U.S.A., and dogs absolutely love them. If dogs could pick their own house, this would be the one they'd choose! The natural, barrel shape makes dogs feel right at home, just like a coyote in its den. The curved floor enables the dog bedding to stay in place underneath your dog to keep it as warm and dry as possible. Click on the image below to learn more about this doghouse.

Protect your dog and his doghouse with a chew-proof K-9 Kondo Igloo Dog Door for Dogloo XT doghouse

Even if you aren't using one of our popular doghouses, you can still enjoy our chew-proof dog door on your Igloo doghouse. Called the Igloo Door, this dog door is the best on the market. It's manufactured using American-made materials in the heart of America. Featuring a 6" rain shield, it keeps the rain outside of the doghouse, while other pet doors allow rain to run down the surface to the inside. The weight of the flap helps to minimize flapping during wind; it is also amazingly quiet. And best of all, its durable, heavy-duty design keeps your dog from chewing it and his doghouse to pieces, ensuring he won't ingest anything he shouldn't while keeping a roof over his head.

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The dog house is chew proof and is the last dog house you will ever have to buy. The Kennel Clad swing kennel door is the premier chew proof dog door on the market. The frame is available in 10 powder coated frame color options, and is constructed of industrial strength aluminum. The swing panel features an insulated rigid flap that is clad with aluminum on both sides and reinforced with an aluminum channel. Embedded in the base of the swing door is a high powered magnet that ensures a tight weather seal after every use. High density pile brush lines the perimeter of the pet opening creating an air tight seal when closed. This is completely rust proof and will perform in any type of harsh kennel environment. This Swing Kennel Clad dog door is typically used in tandem with guillotine doors creating an energy efficient combination. All Kennel Clad Swing Kennel Doors are custom made to fit any rough cut dimension required. This Kennel Clad Swing Kennel door can also be custom made to fit household doors and walls.

Lid is engineered and sealed to be leak proof.

This chew proof doggie bed is recommended for dogs that stay or sleep outside the house. It is outfitted with a water resistant surface, which means it won’t get soggy even if you forget to bring it indoors during a rainy day.

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The dog house dimensions are 34" long X 26" wide X 27" high
The roof lid dimensions are 37" long X 29" wide
It weighs 56 pounds.
The dog house is chew proof and is the last dog house you will ever have to buy.Industrial-strength materials like galvanized steel and durable plastic guarantee each K-9 Kondo Dog Den doghouse is indestructible. Your dog will love their new house, even if they can't chew it! No matter how harsh the climate or how much your dog chews, each product is proudly made in the U.S.A. from the highest-quality, industrial-strength materials to provide your dog with the most comfortable, chew-proof doghouse available today.

We offer two different Dog Den models ranging in size to accommodate small to large dog breeds. Our largest model, the , is great for multiple dogs or as a large doghouse and can be used as a whelping box. Also, check out our for a small doghouse option.