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Animal Prints doggie clothing bring out the animal in your little one! A timeless addition to any puppy dog wardrobe. Leopards, Tigers, Cheetah, Zebra, mix and match! Contrast with Pink or Red for a real pop of color. Animal print dog collars, dog beds, harnesses, pet carriers are very popular. We've combined our animal print dog items to make your shopping easier.

Cheetah Beaded Dog Collar

Bakka is a male South African cheetah and Miley is his female husky-mix domestic dog companion. This unique pair lives at at the San Diego Zoo. Bakka is only a year old but has many adventures under his collar already. He began life in South Africa, where he was hand raised for the purpose of becoming an animal ambassador in the name of conservation. At six months of age, he flew to America, where he lived on a ranch in Northern California. His incredibly friendly demeanor made him a great candidate for employment at our Zoo, and after a successful interview, he became a member of our animals stars at the Zoo’s Backstage Pass program. But in order to keep him company, we needed to find him a suitable roommate. Why not a dog? Seriously, why not?

NEW - from Swanky Pet---Cheetah Animal Print Dog Collar

Stylish Dog Collars Designer Ultrasuede Big Bow Cheetah .. Perfect for your pampered pup! Our Cheetah dog collars feature a thin, sturdy webbing that is flexible and comfortable on tiny dogs. The quick release buckle is very secure and sized with small dogs in mind. Collars can be precisely sized on your best friend. (Note, this is not a cat collar, as the buckle will not open in an emergency when tugged.)

Stylish Dog Collars Designer Ultrasuede Big Bow Cheetah Girl

These small dog collars are made in USA and can be washed in the machine on gentle cycle in cold water. We recommend placing in a mesh garment bag when washing in the machine. Each tiny dog collar features a D-ring for leash and ID tag attachment. Menu above provides measurements for the two small sizes available in this Cheetah collar. Enjoy!

Cheetah Beaded Dog Collar - Dog Collars Boutique

In a second paper in Nature Communications, Wilson and his colleagues calculate the energy expended by cheetahs or wild dogs to hunt and the energy gained from catching and eating prey. Cheetahs use athleticism and bring down large animals that they rarely finish off, , the researchers report.This wildly fun and feminine collection from Susan Lanci Designs features her famous dog collars and harnesses in step-in and tinkie styles in gorgeous Pink Cheetah Couture! From classic designs to floral and glitzy, this new, girly fabric puts a twist on traditional cheetah print.Your little pooch can be such a diva. Let her collar be a reflection of her personality with Top Paw's Cheetah Adjustable Collar. This collar is fully adjustable so it can perfectly fit your pup's neck size for ultimate comfort. Only at PetSmart. Features: Cheetah Print Design on Collar Includes: (1) Collar Intended For: Dogs Leash Type: Collar Color: Pink CThis sassy collection from Susan Lanci Designs features her popular step in and tinkie dog harnesses and dog collars in wildly lovable Mango Cheetah Couture! These unique dog accessories are as luxury as it comes in both quality and style, made from premium Ultrasuede fabric in a color pattern you won't find just anywhere.