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When it comes to a Pet Dog Life Jackets for the houseboat, the marine PFD vests help to keep your dog or pets safe while out playing on the water or houseboating. They are cool in the summer, and keep them warmer in the cooler/winter weather. They have a handy strap on the back to facilitate retrieving your pets from the water.I personally have always had one on my dogs, even though she's a great swimmer, as you never know when she can fall in the water. The problem with marinas or boats, is that the dogs/pets cannot climb back on the boat or dock by themselves. God forbid, I would lose her just because she didn't have a life jacket (cheap insurance for your pets).

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Highest Of Quality Material: If you’re worried about low quality material that means you losing out on durability, design flaws that come with cheap dog life jackets (such as very bulky head pads) and the like, then this jacket is definitely something you should have a look at.

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35 items - Find cheap small dog life jackets for free shipping, worldwide delivery. However, the Paws Aboard life vest is quite bulky, and can cause balance issues for smaller dogs. Whilst still inexpensive, there are cheaper options which do not have the issues around bulkiness, such as the Outward Hound Ripstop life jacket, which offers a similar standard of protection, without the possibility of causing a smaller dog to lose their balance in the water.

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I found this cute pink dog lifejacket while searching around. It is called the . To bad we have a male dog because this one is very cute. It is cheap (under $15) and has over 100 reviews with people giving it 4.5 or or 5 stars.

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