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It’s not uncommon for many cheap dogs foods to use ingredients like animal digest and rice mill byproduct as a way to “beef” up their food, while providing little to no nutrition. It’s basically the equivalent of your dog eating cardboard. As a conscientious dog owner, you probably want your pup to be eating a nutritionally-dense food that contains recognizable names of ingredients you would find in nature.

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Two cheap dog foods we researched failed to measure up. (starting at 4 cents/ounce) kibble and canned formulas, such as Beef, Bacon, & Cheese (starting at 10 cents/ounce), are heavy on ingredients that prompt experts to turn up their noses, such as fillers and meat by-products. Reviews posted by pet owners, however, reveal that budget prices and good taste often trump the unimpressive inputs.

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Because it is so natural, and because it does not contain the fillers of cheaper dog foods, Orijen is often promoted as being hypo-allergenic. The dog food that is the most economical for me actually is more expensive. Confused? Cheap dog foods generally contain lots and lots of filler, which give bulk but have little to no nutritional value. Large dogs can easily eat 4-6 cups of these foods per day, making a 50# bag of food disappear quickly. Several ultra-premium foods, on the other hand, have benefited from years of veterinary nutritional research which has figured out that animals need a smaller volume of nutrient dense food. So while my 20# bag of costs about $17, it lasts my 50# dog for more than a month! An added benefit is that your dog will produce much less fecal material! Additionally, I see my dog has an excellent coat, healthy teeth and is in excellent shape. Premium foods are nutritionally complete so that you don’t have to supplement them with extra vitamins or skin/coat formulas.

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Last but not least on our list of the best cheap dog food brands is a dry dog food formula from Premium Edge, notoriously praised by dog owners as one of the best dog foods when it comes to improving their dog’s coat and skin conditions.

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10 Vet Recommended Dog Food Brands That Are Inexpensive. As a veterinarian, dog lovers are always asking me for my opinion on what are top vet recommended dog food brands that are healthy for dogs. But one thing owners want to consider is the price range which they can afford, so I have to consider the best cheap dog foods that are also good enough. Hopefully this list of veterinarian recommended dog foods will help you make a better choice for your Fido. #dogs #dogfood #vetsHere at ScuttlePaws, we're pretty neurotic about what we feed our dogs. We check for not only the right ingredients list, but also the right manufacturing, storage, and shipping practices to make sure they're not just starting with the right stuff, but also doing the right thing. Dog foods have come a long way over the years, and it's important to keep on top of the changes and additions that have become commonplace in dog foods: some for the better, and some for the worse. Like an increasing use of additives and deceptive ingredient labeling. When looking for the perfect dog food, we consider all of the below attributes. For this list, however, we need to make some compromises because we're only interest in finding you cheap dog foods with good quality bang-for-the-buck. Some compromises are OK, whereas some others are not. Here are some details: