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In dogs, the adult worms can live in the heart and lungs for five to seven years. However, cats are not a natural host for heartworms, and therefore their immune system mounts a vigorous response against the worms. Because of this forceful immune response, the juvenile worms die soon after arriving in the lungs in most cats. In a small percentage of cats, however, a few juvenile worms survive and mature into adult worms. In cats, adult worms have a shorter lifespan — only two to four years.

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A week ago, I was sprinkling ground and dried catnip on our kitty's perch for her. I dropped the container and TONS of catnip fell onto the floor. Like any good pup, Ham rushed over to help me clean up. He ate ALOT of the stuff before I could stop him - so I immediately rushed to check to see if cat-nip is safe for dogs to eat. Every single web site and vet I asked said that cat nip is not a big deal AT ALL for dogs. The main concern, I guess, would be if they ate any parts of a cat nip toy (since cat toys are small) that could cause damage or blockage. The catnip itself is not an issue, although it's not like you want to feed them it on a regular basis!

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There are also additional dangers to animals that are allowed to live outside and spend time unsupervised, especially cats and small dogs Scientists say that now a large dog (24 to 45kg) can live up to 8 years, small dogs can live up to 12 years and cats usually live between 15 and 20 years. The increased lifespan is due to better nutrition and care. Genetics and the pet’s lifestyle also influence their aging process.

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Hounds often react to catnip in a different way compared to cats. Results vary and some dogs don’t respond to catswort at all. In any case, you can allow your pet to sniff and even eat small amounts of catnip on occasion. It’s not toxic for dogs though it is potentially sedative.

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Among people catnip is used as a diuretic and is oftentimes used for the same purpose in dogs. Catnip oil relieves the body of excess water and toxins such as uric acid by promoting urination and a small amount can keep a dog's system regular.Gas, cramps, and flatulence. Dogs suffer from these stomach ailments just like we do. Catnip can help in remedying these ailments in both humans and dogs. It’s antispasmodic properties also can reduce cramps, spasms, diarrhea, and dyspepsia. A small amount of catnip as in catnip oil or catnip tea can calm a dog’s sick stomach and prevent vomiting.The final use for catnip is very beneficial when a dog experiences a minor injury or infection. The antiseptic effect of catnip on dogs has been recognized for many years, and it is quite simple to create the antiseptic treatment with catnip and a small amount of warm water. The ointment is rubbed into the wound or infection site at regular intervals throughout the day until the area has cleared up. For best results, the site should be covered with gauze or bandaging to prevent the catnip from rubbing off. it sounds like your pup had a small seizure, Catnip is potentially deadly to dogs, usually only in plant form. Make sure you take it all away and watch him for signs of another one, if you can’t afford an emergency vet fee, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH HIM. a seizure can hurt the exterior of a dog more than the interior.
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