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Catnip oil promotes urination, forcing the body to relieve itself of extra water and toxins. A small amount of catnip can be used both for dogs and humans to maintain a healthy system, however be careful not to give too much.

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Plants that can be irresistible to dogs include the bat face plant and Valerian so if you want these plants to live, don’t put them in your back garden. Valerian is the canine equivalent of catnip, but dogs prefer the ROOTS! Avoid plants with stickers or trim sharp points. It may be best if you not allow your dog to eat seeds of any fruits as they can contain cyanide.
One of the most dangerous plants in our area is the Sago Palm. The entire plant is toxic including the root ball. The seeds are the most toxic. Cycasin, a chemical in the plant, causes permanent liver damage as well as neurological damage. An estimated 75% of animals ingesting this plant will die in spite of aggressive medical treatment. You can find other plants that are harmful to your dog at or .

It makes some cats sedated and others stimulated

No. A dog’s brain and a cat’s brain are differently developed. In other words, a dog is not a cat. Keep the compost area completely out of your dog’s access and protect delicate plants with a temporary wire fence until your dog naturally avoids that area. Choose bigger specimens of hearty plants for areas that your dog likes to visit. Dog hardy plants include Sedges, Russian Sage, Verbena, Coneflower, Black-eyed Susans, Shasta Daisy, Liriope, Mexican Primrose, Mexican Petunia, Butterfly Bush, Quince. You can also use ground covers like Cotoneaster, Sweet Woodruff or Periwinkle. Avoid having bare soil between plants by using mulch or a ground cover. When mulching, consider a finer shredded variety.
Dogs like to explore perimeters and you may want to leave a gap between fence and garden. Privacy fences are preferable for dogs because it blocks their view to outside the fence which helps keep them calmer. You can also use vining plants on your chainlink fence to provide a visual barrier. It is not a good idea to let your dog run or chase at your fence line. Chasing and/or barking increases your dog’s arousal levels and can lead to problems with dog reactivity or aggression. If your dog routinely chases or barks at the fence, get professional help.

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On the whole, the use of catnip for dogs is for medical purpose only, and should not be used otherwise. For instance, when the dog is healthy and fine, mixing catnip with his food or water is not necessary. The occasional use of catnip is advised in dogs, that too after consulting with your veterinarian.

Dogs are nearly as crazy for anise seed as cats are for catnip.