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I came across this headline from Yep, you heard it right. This hero isn’t a dog it’s a cat! This past April, reported the story of how Sammy the cat saved dog-friend Izzy.

When Izzy, a small terrier mix, wandered outside her yard, she was attacked by a much bigger dog. The large dog had Izzy in its mouth when Sammy the cat arrived. Sammy puffed up and caught the attention of the aggressive larger dog. Luckily for Izzy, the large dog dropped her and decided to pursue Sammy instead. This allowed the family to grab Izzy who suffered multiple life threatening injuries. Izzy was taken to the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Clinic where Dr. Kittsen McCumber treated Izzy’s punctured abdomen, traumatic hernia, and severe muscle trauma. Of course, our cat hero Sammy got away by using feline super powers and climbing up a tree. If Sammy hadn’t arrived in time to rescue Izzy, she probably wouldn’t have made it. Sammy truly is a hero cat.

Heroic Pet: Cat Saves Kid From A Stray Dog!Heroic Pet: Cat Saves Kid From A Stray Dog!

In order to save the cat’s life, Dr. Sean Perry from the Marathon Veterinary Hospital had to perform a blood transfusion. But since cat blood is harder to find than dog blood, and a shipment of cat blood to the Keys would have taken days or weeks, Perry decided to use blood packs from a Greyhound that the staff had on hand.

Pet cat saves child from vicious dog attack

Hero Cat Saves Child from Dog Attack, Vindicates Cat ...
Cat Saves Kid From A Stray Dog!Brave Hero Cat Saves Young Boy From Dog Attack In Bakersfield Cat Saves Young Boy From Dog attackHero Cat Saves Young Boy From Dog Attack In BakersfieldMy Cat Saved My SonMy cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!Cat saves young boy from dog attack - My Cat Saved My Son Hero cat

Hero Cat Saves California Boy From Dog Attack - NBC News

Hero Cat Saves Young Boy From Dog Attack In Bakersfield Pet Cat Heroically Saves Boy From Attacking Dog And Proceeds To Chase Mutt DownHero cat saves toddler from dog attack Amazing video shows Tara the family cat chasing away aggressive dogPet cat saves boy from dog attackFamily cat saves boy from dog attackPet cat saves boy from dog attack

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This bizarre video shows a woman nearly killing her dog in an attempt to save it from a vicious cat attack. The intent was goodhearted. The execution was severely flawed. So extremely flawed, the woman practically popped off the head of the pooch. A dog performs the Heimlich maneuver to save his cat friend....very touching scene. The poor kitty walked away fine but a little dazed.
If you're one of the thousands who were inspired by this video, please donate to one of the following canine, feline or avian CPR and first aid training organizations. Note: These organizations are in no way responsible for the creation of this video.

"The big dog saw the cat, dropped Izzy, took off after the cat. The family was able to pick up Izzy to bring her in here. The cat got away safely up a tree and literally saved this dog's life. The family said what's ironic is that Izzy chases that cat all the time and the kitty must have felt a loyalty to Izzy and raced over there and squared off with the bigger dog," said Dr. Kittsen McCumber. In a YouTube post titled, "A Cat Saved My Son," first you see the boy riding his bike by his home's driveway, when a dog comes from around a parked SUV and grabs at his leg, seemingly trying to drag the tot away.