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Sorry rabbits, this one’s for the dogs! Our OoMaLoo carrot dog toys are handmade in Anatolia with funky fur yarn and come with a heavy-duty squeaker inside. While we can’t say that this will supplement a healthy diet, these carrots are perfect for your furry friends – squeak and fetch ready! Dogs love the soft, furry texture and squishy loud squeaker.

Make sure your dog gets their daily serving of vegetables with one of our unique Carrot Dog Toys!

This fun 9" Giggling Veggie Carrot Dog Toy features a delightfully goofy expression and makes an entertaining giggling noise when shaken or squeezed. Specially designed giggle box inside emits sound without requiring batteries. Dogs will love playing for hours with these durable toys.Other veggies sold separately. Get the whole garden!

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Beautiful Carrot Dog squeaky toy Plush Carrot Style puppy Orange teething toys chew toy squeakers do... In between brushings, dogs can keep their own choppers healthy by gnawing on dental bones and treats designed to polish canines’ canines. As we saw above, there’s no reason your dog’s oral care can’t be delicious. Many chew toys are designed to be as enticing to Spot as they are effective at keeping his choppers clean – so keeping his own teeth polished becomes a fun activity for the dog. There are numerous oral-care dog toys and treats on the market, in many flavors and shapes; let your dog sink his fangs into a few different ones until you find Fido’s favorite.

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Dogs will be hopping for joy with this ZippyPaws Burrow Dog Toy Bunny 'n Carrot!Why We Love It:Dogs love to bury their noses in the ZippyPaws Burrow Dog Toy to dig out the critters. They’ll be begging you to put them back in the Burrow again and again for hours of fun! This interactive hide-and-seek toy comes with one carrot burrow and three cute squeaky bunnies.The adorable little bunnies make great little fetch toys. While wonderful any time of year, this adorable interactive dog puzzle toy is especially appropriate for Easter and in the spring. This puzzle dog toy promotes mental agility and fights boredom. Although this is a durable plush toy, it isn't designed as a chew toy and supervision is suggested. Remove and replace any torn dog toys.Sizing Information:Carrot dimensions: 9 x 5 x 5 in
Individual bunny dimensions: 5 x 3 x 2 in

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All OoMaLoo dog toys are hand-made with care for maximum durability. The ‘furry’ portions, made of a high-quality, non-shedding polyester yarn, are especially strong and long-lasting. Design features and details are done in a contrasting acrylic yarn to bring life to the toys. Each dog toy also contains at least one industrial-strength squeaker, made of non-toxic materials and exclusively designed for OoMaLoo. Dogs love not just the furry texture of the toys, but also the responsive squeak that comes with each bite. Our toys are also machine washable in cold water, under a gentle cycle; air dry only. Get your pet something only an OoMa can make with love with this OoMaLoo Handmade Carrot Dog Toy!Why We Love It:

Dogs will love taking a bite out of this adorable OoMaLoo Handmade Carrot Dog Toy! All OoMaLoo toys are hand made with care for maximum durability. The ‘furry’ portions, made of high-quality non-shedding polyester yarn, are especially strong and long-lasting. Medium design features and details are done in a contrasting synthetic yarn. Each dog toy contains at least one industrial-strength squeaker. These squeaky balls are made of non-toxic materials exclusively for OoMaLoo. Dogs love not only the furry texture of the toys, but also the squeak. Toys are machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle; air dry only.

*Please Note: No toy is indestructible. We strive to create interesting toys for your pet that are aesthetically pleasing to the owner as well. Toys are intended for supervised play by the average pet and its owner. Every attempt is made on our part to insure that our products are well made and very secure. Additionally, we suggest that owners check toys frequently for loose pieces, or a pulled thread. Please enjoy them with your pets responsibly.OoMaLoo has been hiring women who can use their hand skills to generate income for their families. OoMaLoo pieces are handmade by women in poor, multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Istanbul. Doing needlework at home is one of the few ways these women have to earn income. With each beautiful item, they share a part of their history, their culture, and their lives. In the age of high technology and machines, we value the skill and knowledge of these women. We are proud to work with them, thus both preserving traditions and creating beautiful products for the modern world.Sizing Information:Small: 4"
Medium: 6"
Large: 8"