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The Guardian Gear Steel/Rubber Vehicle Pet Barrier comes in black. It can adjust completely yet has a frame made of strong steel. The car pet barrier is meant to help keep your dog safely maintained in a specific area within your vehicle. The barriers can be set up in your vehicle within minutes and do not require any tools. The Guardian Gear Steel/Rubber Vehicle Pet Barrier has caps made of rubber on the ends of the poles. The caps protect your vehicles inside material while securing the barrier. The frame of the car pet barrier can adjust from 35 to 61 inches in width and 26 to 44 inches in height allowing you to place the barrier in almost any vehicle. This device is perfect even if you have multiple pets because cats and smaller pets can get in-between the barriers while maintaining your larger pet in one area.

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If you like going out driving with your dog and you need a way to keep him in the back seat, you need a pet barrier. There's a lot of great pet barriers on the market, the only problem is that most of the are a pain to install, and many of them (including the most popular pet barrier sold from pet stores and amazon) are pretty much permanent, screwing straight into the roof and floor of the car.

That's why the EZ pet barrier was invented. The only pet barrier that installs in 30 seconds or less.

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I made this dog barrier for my car for about $30.00 dollars with parts from Home Depot. The best dog barriers also have multiple connection points. The more places a barrier attaches to the inside of a car, the more secure it becomes. This is also important if you have a large, rambunctious dog who may be able to dislodge flimsy barriers.

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If you have multiple cars in your home, a good choice may be an adjustable dog barrier that can be sized as needed to fit into both cars. This way, you won't have to buy a separate barrier for each car. Many models come with extendable sidebars and telescoping rods, allowing them to fit a variety of car sizes and styles.

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Cargo Area Net Pet Barrier – Petiquette Dogs - Our Cargo Area Net Pet Barrier keeps pets off the seat and in the back (snoozing comfortably on one of our Cargo Liners, perhaps.) Our patented design uses a "claw proof" micro-mesh material which is actually easier to see through than metal tube-style barriers (due to its small size, the human eye "ignores" the mesh, similar to a window screen). "Like" or "Pin" this and use discount code "Pin5" for 5% off.When you travel with your dog in the car, keeping them secure in the back seat or trunk area helps you to concentrate on driving. If you own an SUV, minivan, station wagon, or crossover vehicle, you can easily build a barrier to place between the rearmost seating area and the trunk space where you keep your dog. With just a few materials from department and hardware stores, and a little sawing and assembly, you'll soon have a dependable barrier to help keep your dog out of your way in the front seats.Your pet may be your best friend but they don’t make good driving companions. Dogs, we just love them but we need to keep them safe while on the road. The new EZ Pet Barrier adjusts to any car, truck or van seat. It’s strong, quiet and easy to pop in or out.The PetegoWalky Guard Car Barrier for Pet Automotive Safety will keep your dog safely in the backseat without having to worry about your dog or pet jumping into the front seat. You love your dog and keeping your dog safe in a vehicle can be a challenge. With this car pet barrier you can secure your dog in a comfortable location. This device will fit in almost any vehicle because it is adjustable. The frame of the car pet barrier can be broken down easily allowing you to store the device effortlessly when not in use. The car pet carrier is 54 x 1 x 22 inches in size and weighs only one pound. Because the PetegoWalky Guard Car Barrier is light you will be able to transport the device with ease and move it from car to car.