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Hi Paul… Sorry to hear about your experience. Of course, no dog food can possibly be appropriate for every animal. As the only reviewer here, I’m not able to “test” each of the hundreds of products we cover.

Nutro Ultra Adult canned dog food was selected to represent the others in the line for this review.

We also feed our dogs kibbles and bits, we had one die when he was a few months away from 22 yrs old. He was golden retriever/basset hound mix. Another one of our dogs that died was a boxer, he was almost 14. That is a long time for a boxer. When we first got him he was 7 nd we was told by lots of boxer owners and researched it ourselves that he would be lucky to make it past 10yrs. I switched from this food cause of all the bad reviews and i did gradually switch like your suppose to but 1 of my dogs completely changed but i just thought it was jealousy over a new dog that we got. I took her to the vet but with no vomiting or anything they didn’t have much to go by. They just told me that with the new dog she might be that way. I recently switched them to kibbled and bits cause none of my dogs were eating well. The very day i started weeding the out food out, she started acting like her old self. I think just like others on here. That it depends on the dog. Just like with humans, two people can eat the same food and 1 person may get sick while the other doesn’t. Same with medication for us.

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To access Whole Dog Journal's canned dog food reviews online, click the links below or . After searching your reviews, I bought a can of Nutro Max Beef and Rice Dinner for my super-picky six-year-old Chihuahua. I couldn’t believe it — she had her little nose in the bowl before I could set it on the ground! She licked the bowl clean. I’ve tried so many different dog foods, both cheaper and more expensive, and she has never responded like this before. And I feel great knowing that she’s eating high-quality ingredients and getting the nutrition she needs. Thank you so much for this website!

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My 10 pound, silki terrier have been eating canned Cesar for 5 years. I tried to switch him to Blue Buffalo. He did not like it and was not eating. I was very worried that he was not eating and kept trying to find the food that he would enjoy eating. I tried Innova. Not eating!!! I decided to try Natutal Choice canned for Small breed Adult dogs. He loves it! I do not see Natural Choice Canned for Small breed Adult dogs added to your list. What do you know about this food? Is it healthy for my little picky eater? I am very worried that it may be same poor quality as Cesar. I reviewed the ingredients on Natural Choice Small breed Adult dogs canned diet and it does not seem to contain any by products unlike Cesar which is full of by products. Thank you for your response. Katrina and Maxi.

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