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Determining the content of meat within a particular food is a good measure to determine the reviews of a dog food. In regards to California Natural, the first ingredient in this dog food is lamb meal. Lamb meal has 300% more protein than regular lamb, making this ingredient a great choice for your dog. Dogs require high amounts of protein, and in the event you can double or triple the protein level of a particular ingredient, you are wise to take it.

So, without further ado let’s jump right into my honest California Natural Dog Food review.

Have you fed your dog any of the California Natural dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of California Natural dog food!

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I have once again updated my review for California Natural canned dog food. For this NGD California dog food review, company’s California Natural Chicken Meal and Rice Formula Adult Dog Food recipe has been chosen to represent their line of dry dog foods.

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In this California Natural Dog Food review, we will be looking at every aspect of California Natural Dog food, from the breakdown of the ingredient list, actual customer reviews, price and sizes available to see whether or not this is a quality dog food that should be recommended to others.

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California Natural Grain-Free Dog Food Review: California Natural (affiliate link) is one of the biggest names in grain-free dog food. You can find it at just about any pet store and in some feed stores. It comes in several varieties, although I couldn’t bring myself to feed my dogs the Kangaroo blend! One thing all varieties have in common: meat is the main ingredient and they don’t contain useless grains. Their formula’s combine unique proteins and carbohydrate combinations to give your…As promised, the first ingredient in this California Natural Grain-Free Salmon Meal & Peas Recipe is salmon meal. As was true for the chicken meal in the previous recipe, salmon meal is a highly-concentrated form of protein and, because it comes from a fish, it also contains some omega-3 fatty acids. While salmon meal is an excellent ingredient, it is important to note that it is not the only source of protein in this recipe. Peas, for example, are rich in plant proteins, as are green and red lentils. Plant proteins are much less biologically valuable for dogs than animal proteins and, because these ingredients appear so high on the list, it is likely that they contribute significantly to the overall protein content of this formula. This recipe has a crude protein content of 28% which is very high for a dog food but it is impossible to tell how much of that comes from plant-based sources.The California Natural brand of dog food is a brand dedicated to providing quality nutrition to dogs with food sensitivities. In order to meet this goal, they limit all of their products to just 3 to 6 main ingredients, focusing on high-quality proteins and digestible carbohydrates. A quick review of the ingredients lists for various California Natural products reveals the use of premium proteins, wholesome carbohydrates, and other high-quality ingredients. This brand makes sure that all of their recipes are complete and balanced in terms of nutrition and they even cater some of their recipes specifically to puppies and dogs of different breed sizes. When you feed your dog California Natural dog food you can rest assured that his nutritional needs will not just be met – they will be exceeded in the healthiest and most delicious way possible.Wrapping up my California Natural dog food reviews, I'd like think that pet food companies will soon be held responsible for lying to their consumers. I've certainly had enough of false health claims and unfair marketing practices. Unfortunately, I don't think it would change my distrust for big-name pet food multinationals, like Mars Petcare, and I imagine many dog lovers feel the same way.