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I don't know who told you cats & dogs are "a main food source" for Chinese. Dog meat is only eaten in winter, by very few people. I have lived in China for 7 years and shop weekly in a village wet market. I've never seen dogs or cats in cages except at the pet shop. (I'm not naive and I have walked past dog restaurants, but I have seen more spoilt pet dogs in China than in my homeland ;-)

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The next time you take your pooch to the groomer for a shampoo or cut, make sure you ask whether the places uses drying cages or boxes. Though widely used, these devices are controversial because they have been linked to a small number of deaths in dogs.

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I have never seen dogs or cats in cages and I have been living there for nearly 3 years and have traveled all over China. I am trying to ge better informed before I go to China thats why I am doing research on the internet and posing question on this forum .The info I got from one site on the internet stated that some restuarant owners display dogs in cages outside their resturant to show that the meat is fresh. The blog also stated that there are farms in China that raise dogs solely for food puposes. it appears from the replies I recieved this is not the case which makes me very happy. My wife and I have travelled to many different countries and we always respect their ways and customs.I am aware that the Chinese people consider certain types of foood that I probably wouldn't eat as delicacies and I repect that as well.

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My wife and i would like to visit China next year but being animal lovers, epecially dogs and cats our trip would be ruined if we saw these animals in cages waiting to be slaughtered for someones dinner. Is ther any way we can avod this or do all the markets and resturants feature animals in cages? We know dogs and cats are a m,ain food source in China but we will not go if we have to witness this

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Little puppy paws are sensitive, and haven't yet developed the hardened exterior that protects dogs feet from injurious surfaces. Wire cages are not only uncomfortable; they can cause cuts and bruises on paw pads, as well as problems to the dogs' limbs and joints. Wire flooring is also subject to bending and sagging, making the cage even more detrimental to puppies' physical development.I would like you to require all commercial breeders and puppy mill facilities to utilize only solid bottom cages for dogs. Tell them we see through their profit-minded operations, and hold them accountable for keeping their dogs healthy.