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I think these big box grooming salons are awful…such as PetSmart & Petco. The ‘so called groomers’ haven’t even been to a proper grooming school. They have no experience and do not even know the anatomy of a dog. I’ve been a certified groomer for 13 years, and have never used cages or crates. I do ONE dog at a time, and hand dry all the dogs. It is illegal in Canada to have heat elements in any dog grooming dryers, due to, too many accidents. Sticking a dog in a cage to dry is a form of laziness and irresponsible. My heart goes out to Sadie (RIP) and her owner Teresa.

Apr 22, 2017 - 10 Best Pet Dryers for Dogs (2017) Groomers use these cage dog dryers & blowers to dry dogs… 1K-9 III High Velocity Blower Dryer. 2Oster Hi-Velocity Stand Dryer. 3K-9 II High Velocity Blower Pet Dryer. 4Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer. 5Xpower B-5 4 HP Variable Speed 2-in-1 Pet Dryer and Vacuum.

Cage dryers are surely getting their place in the dog’s grooming accessory world. They are safe and very much contented in use. Without these cage dryers, a lot of pets would go home damp from cleaning shops, or would be frazzled from being enforced to tolerate something they do not wish to do, and that would result in their partial grooming.

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May 3, 2017 - Factors To Consider When Buying Cage Dryers For Grooming Dogs A dog dryer has become a necessity for pet owners these days Otherwise healthy two-year-old dogs generally don’t drop dead with elevated body temperatures, and that’s what happened to the beloved Golden Retriever of a woman in Virginia while the animal was at Petco for a routine bath and grooming. The dog’s owner claims that a store employee left her pet for too long in a heated dryer cage, but Petco now says that they don’t heat dryer cages for safety reasons.

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I am a well-trained pet stylist and I would just like to point out that I think you need to do a bit more research before you go about scaring people. The only reason I say this is because if people are afraid to get their dogs groomed they could potentially develop health issues such as, sores that get infected from mats, broken or overgrown nails, infected anal glands, and ear infections. I prefer not to use the word cage, I call them kennel dryers. My salon uses kennel dryers if and only if a dog is too stressed by the velocity dryer. The kennel dryers use room temperature air to circulate inside the space ,which is different sizes for different dogs, and it is no more pressure than a light breeze outside. Less even than a hair dryer. The maximum setting is for fifteen minutes so it is impossible to leave it on without checking on the dog. Some breeds are what we call Brachycephalic and cannot under any circumstances be placed in a kennel dryer. These are breeds such as Pugs, Japanese Chins and Pekingeses. I believe that outlawing kennel dryers is extreme and would much rather have laws mandating how they can be used. I also firmly believe there should be cameras in grooming salons that the pet parent can watch upon request. This will hold groomers accountable and reduce the risk of animal fatality in grooming salons. In regard to your comment that dogs do not sweat, they actually do, however only from their paws. I believe you mean well but I and many other groomers would appreciate that you have a detailed understanding of dog breeds, salons and kennel dryers.
Thank you for listening, Sincerely, Marie

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