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This is Dottie our deaf Boxer puppy foster - who I am quickly falling in love with and may end up as a failure foster (aka we might adopt her). Just have to convince my hubby that 4 dogs isn't too bad. Especially since she is so good as a puppy which means she'll be great as an adult dog once training is complete. We've had her 14 days and she hasn't had a potty accident in the past 5 days :) Plus she learned all the signs in the video in the 2 weeks as well. She is 6 months old in the video.

Our dog training camp provides programs for Boxer's such as boot camp, obedience training, and puppy camp.

- Frustrated that you boxer dog keep going to the house for potty business? This Video will tell you why and will help you greatly on your Boxer potty training


Our Minnesota dog training camp provides programs for the Boxer such as boot camp, obedience training, and puppy camp. Crate training any kind of dog takes a whole lot of one specific thing: patience. Crate train a boxer dog with help from a certified dog behavioral therapist and master trainer in this free video clip.

Tyson (Boxer) completed the Neuman K-9 Academy boot camp for dogs

In socializing your dog, it is important that you remain the alpha of the pack. Having difficulties in training boxer puppies? Know more about boxer puppy training tips from this video brought to you by Boxer Savvy.

How To Train A Boxer Puppy - The Dog Training Secret

Appropriate boxer puppy training provides healthy and confident boxer puppy. This video contains tips on how to train a boxer dog during his first month at home.Steph Marhle-Mishra of Good Karma Dog Training demonstrates with a Mastiff Boxer mix, how the "heel" command can be simply taught and used to enjoy a calm walk. The heel command is a formal obedience exercise in which a dog walks precisely by a handler's knee, matching her pace and immediately sitting when the handler halts. Frankie, a Mastiff Boxer mix used for this demonstration had no experience with this command. Dog training is a process. It is not always pretty. It is absolutely NOT perfect. Dog training is not about perfection. It is about calm persistence. Watch right here, how Steph teaches Frankie how to heel. For more information on Good Karma Dog Training,

Good Karma Training is owned and operated by Steph Mahrle-Mishra, a licensed New York State dog trainer that offers both in-home, and board and train services for obedience training and dog behavior modification. Steph confidently resolves a host of dog behavioral issues which is not limited to aggression, anxiety, and fear. Steph teaches basic dog obedience, such as proper leash walking, "sit", "down", and "come" to puppies and adult dog's alike. She also trains off leash advanced obedience with modern low level remote collar training. Good Karma Training services the Northern New Jersey area (including Newark, Bayonne, Jersey City, Hoboken, Elizabeth, Livingston, Clifton, Montclair, Nutley, Short Hills, Chatham, Millburn, Berkeley Heights). Steph’s proven method of balanced dog training brings peace and harmony into the lives of her committed clients who recognize that real change is possible when balanced training is consistently applied. Steph Mahrle-Mishra is looking forward to bringing peace into your life!
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