Size: Weight Range: Male: 65-80 lbs

First, you might want to mull over the fact that the miniature boxer is not an “official” breed, although it is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, or ACHC. The reason that the American Kennel Club, or AKC, and other major worldwide kennel societies do not recognize the miniature boxer as a standalone breed is that this type of dog is not purebred. The standard or full-sized boxer is considered a purebred canine because its bloodlines can be traced back many generations to dogs with specific physical characteristics. Unlike a lot of other miniature or toy varieties, mini boxers are not bred by selectively pairing the smallest specimens of separate litters. Instead, a purebred boxer is bred with a smaller breed like a terrier or a pug. The boxer and Boston terrier mix is the only one officially recognized as a mini boxer by the ACHC. The idea behind using a hybrid combination such as this is to make the dog look as close as possible to a full sized boxer dog only on a smaller scale. Terriers are preferred for this purpose because they tend to have a less profound influence on the musculature and facial features of the puppies while providing the compact size necessary for a compact body structure. These facts may not affect your decision to raise a mini boxer, but it’s always good to know ahead of time in case you had any designs to register the dog or breed it as a purebred, as this would not be possible.

Please list your dog's age and his/her neck size (in inches) so I can get an idea on how large a full-grown Boxer's neck neck is.

The basic fact that Boxer Rescue has to exist is evidence enough that too many people get a puppy because he is adorable, cute and playful. As precious as Boxer puppies are, they don’t stay that way or that size forever. People seem to forget that a cute Boxer puppy turns a big, handsome, full grown adult dog that requires a lot of your time and attention. A Boxer in his adolescence is NOT easy to handle for the novice or unprepared person.

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a dog's life span is usually a bit shorter than with full sized Boxer dogs. Boxers are smart, energetic and friendly dogs. Most boxers are of medium size, about 50 to 70 lb at full size. They are descendants of the Olde English Bulldog and were originally used for hunting large, powerful game such as wild boar, bears, and bison. They can be brown, brindle or pure white.

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Dogs mature at different rates. Generally, the smaller the dog the quicker he reaches his adult weight: It takes about twice as long for a Great Dane to reach full size than it does for a Chihuahua, for instance. The boxer will be growing beyond his first birthday, perhaps not finishing until he turns 2 years old. According to the Pet Education website, a general rule of thumb is to .

we started to feed smokey iams large breed dog food at about 8mos old