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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Canned Dog Food is created with a high concentration of protein from fish, poultry, or beef to satisfy your pet's wild side and sustain an active and healthy lifestyle. Because Blue Buffalo Wilderness Canned Dog Food is made with real poultry, fish, or beef, it needs no nutritional supplements and is a better substitute for a raw diet.

The Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe product line lists 12 canned dog foods.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Canned Dog Food is a natural alternative to a raw diet for dogs and is made from the finest ingredients such as real chicken, turkey, beef, duck, and salmon. This healthy dog food high in protein and low in carbohydrates, and is made without wheat, a common thickening agent in canned dog food that can trigger allergic reactions in some dogs. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Canned Dog Food makes the perfect meal for your pet with its delicious high-protein goodness. Available in 5 different flavors.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness canned dog food receives the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3.5 stars. Hi, I will be receiving two boston terrier puppies this Monday and I was waondering if mixing the blue buffalo dry puppy food with canned food is a good idea. I’ve had dogs in the past, but never small dogs and I hear that it is important for their food to be high in protein and fat. What advice can you give me? Thanks in advance, Natasha

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Until a few days ago he started developing lesions on his body. He couldn't get comfortable, was spitting up his water, having trouble breathing. We could no longer seeing what he was going through that we had to put him down today. 7 months after being told he had cancer. Before Blue Buffalo my dogs were perfectly healthy. No issues. We were just trying to find them a good senior food that they all can eat together. Since then my Boxer formed a type of MS and was put down in Dec 2016. My Maltese had cancer was put down today, and my other dog has really never been the same. Shame on you Blue Buffalo for your false advertising on your food. Profit before health. I hope you guys go to hell, and how can you live with yourselves seeing what you are doing to families who cherish their animals. I hope it's worth it. I never know how many people disliked this company till I started doing research a few months back on it.

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