Superior visibility at night or in low-light situations ..

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Pet Dog LED Collar Lights Pendant Clip-on Circular Collar Anti-lost Blinking, Pet Safety Collar Pendants Lights for Outdoor Walking

Leaps & Bounds Light Up Stick: Ideal for bigger dogs, the is a great toss around toy. Its multi-colored LED lights flash and blink with movement for interactive play.

Does not flash or blink, as only low-quality LED collars do.

leg bands for dogs; Clip-on blinking lights or flashlights for collars. The Beacon is a very sturdy, compact, bright light. It contains four LED lights inside a red plastic lens, and is made to fasten in any number of ways to a dog or dog handler. It comes equipped with a ring (for hanging like an ID tag on a dog’s collar ring) and a plastic clip, which can be used to clip the light onto the dog’s collar, harness, leash, or coat – or to his owner’s pocket or bait bag. The light can blink slowly or fast, or burn steadily.

Wink 'N Blink Kinetic LED Light | Jeffers Pet

When taking your pet for a walk in the dark, this led safety dog collar tag, this bright long lasting LED clip on light will help you and your pet to be safe and seen in just a simple click push button on the back. This all weather dog collar charm wont annoy your dog. Be Safe and Seen from a distance, up to 1/2 mile. This long lasting LED dog collar light tag collar is Durable and comes with 3 different modes; constant light, slow blinking light and fast blinking led dog collar light which all are very bright and have a high visibility. No matter what the weather conditions are this pet tag can be used at all times. This led dog collar charm is delivered with battery included, when receiving this product in the mail you can clip on the dog light, turn it on for your safe and fun walks in the dark.

The Wink N Blink is a blinking LED light that takes no batteries..