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My daughter selected her two favorite stuffed dog toys play with. One was much bigger than the other, so we began our activity by making big biscuits for her biggest dog and small biscuits for her smaller dog.

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The KONG Biscuit Ball is a patented rubber ball with a hollow center and four bone-shaped ports to hold KONG Stuff’N Snacks and Easy Treat paste. This durable toy has all the fun of a ball, plus it keeps dogs busy removing the tasty morsels inside.

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The Loyal Biscuit Co. Your destination for the best in dog and cat nutrition, toys, treats, collars, and more! Shopping cart is empty. About Us · Blog · Our Team. He was able to follow the voice commands without fail. If he wanted the kid to pay him attention, he started barking which made my daughter felt that it was not a toy but her favorite companion. He also starts to snivel whenever he wants to get a biscuit. This was quite normal that people thought I finally gave up my dislike for pets and brought little cousin this new doggy. I didn’t correct them as this was fun to confuse them. But this is a genuine fact that by now I have grown strong affection to this harmless being that seems to be very real even though he is not one. []

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This is when I heard about furreal biscuit my loving pups and decided to take a look at the puppies they sell. I was almost sure that these are going to be just like another soft toy and will not satisfy children much. But when I finally had a look, could not stop myself from buying it. After the toy reached home and was opened, my little cousin who happened to stay at my house didn’t even give me time to activate it as she started cuddling it. Now after activation, it became more attractive. The toy dog was shaking its paws in a manner the real ones do. He was able to lie down and sit whenever he was asked to.

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Then it was time for my daughter’s favorite part of the activity – feeding the biscuits to her toy dogs. I love watching her imagination spring to life as she takes on a new role. This activity was perfect for her right now, as she currently spends more than half her days pretending to be a different pet. Her current favorite it pretending to be a guinea pig and last week it was a rabbit. Maybe she is trying to ask us something?Purchased January 19, 2010, by Heidi Vanorse and Joel Neal, the Loyal Biscuit Co. is an independent dog and cat supply boutique with four great locations—Downtown Rockland; Route 1 on the Camden-Rockport line; Reny’s Plaza, Belfast; and our newest location, Main St. Waterville! We are your destination for the best in healthy, holistic, all-natural food and treats, plus the best in toys, collars, leashes, beds, and more.